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That's one Solid Snake, alright... 2

Believe it or not, stealth action games haven’t always been around. Not until 1998 would the gaming world be set ablaze, with the now infamous Metal Gear Solid. The series itself spans the course of decades, and has since received both the praise and ridicule of many, due to its dialogue-heavy storyline. And just five years after its initial release, someone at Konami apparently thought it was a good time to release a remake of the classic tale—and thus Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes was born...

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Terrible controls, bored voice actors and Ninjitsu Snakes OH MY! 3

Remakes seemed to be all the rage back in 2002-2005 what with a number of Final Fantasy remakes surfing throughout the rumor topics and of course the fantastic remake of the original Resident Evil. The success that came with the REmake also garnished another remake of an old ps1 classic. The original Metal Gear Solid released back in 1998.IMO and I'm sure alot of others too is that MGS was an incredibly revolutionary title that created a new standard for the story in games and how much effort sh...

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Metal Gear Solid 0

While the Gamecube version of Metal Gear Solid wasn’t quite as well received as I’m sure the developers hoped, I still consider it to be the better version of the game. The cutscenes were redone, and really aren’t as good as the originals, but having Gamecube quality graphics in 480p, as well as a lot of the Metal Gear Solid 2 gameplay features added into the game…I’d just rather play this version then go back to the original. I essentially bought the entire Gamecube console just to play this ga...

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Yep... That's Metal Gear Solid. 0

One of the greatest games of all time has been remade for the Gamecube.  The Twin Snakes is a remake of Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation, which was released in 1998.  Don't expect a complete overhaul like Capcom did for Resident Evil on the Cube, because Twin Snakes is eerily precise when it comes to the details of the storyline and level design.  From the word go, you'll constantly be thinking "Hey...I've done this before."  And you have.  That's the real drawback to the game, because ...

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Metal Gear remake falls short of its promise 0

Very few modern games have been worthy of a complete remake, but Metal Gear Solid is one of the few for which is makes total sense. The PlayStation classic was well ahead of its time in 1998, and even then it seemed choked by the limitations of the then-cutting-edge hardware. Its characters’ fuzzy and inanimate faces, their jerky animations and the blocky environments were at odds with the cinematic cut-scenes, complex and engrossing plot and lofty themes. So with The Twin Snakes, Hideo Kojim...

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An excellent port of an excellent game. 0

Metal Gear Solid was released a long long time ago in an era called the late '90s. In this time the only online gaming was done on PCs and A man named Hideo Kojima was called to make a new game in his Metal Gear series. The title was Metal Gear Solid and it defined stealth gameplay and storytelling in a way that wouldn't be matched for a few years. Then after meeting up a resturant with Shigeru Miyamoto a few years after the release of the sequel, Kojima began work with Eternal Darkness develope...

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Better than the original in some ways, but not all. 0

NOTE: This review was written by me years ago, but it's never been posted on GB, so enjoy!***************It's been almost six years since Konami dropped a huge bombshell and floored just about everyone with Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation. It had gameplay innovation coming from all directions; it raised the bar for cinematics in a game, originally something that SquareSoft apparently excelled at; the voice acting was top-notch--perhaps the best in any video game in existence. No other game ...

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Snake returns to Shadow Moses with improved visual and gameplay 0

    For the few people that are still unfamiliar with this popular franchise, Metal Gear Solid is a Tactical Espionage Action Adventure game and in order to complete your objectives you'll need to use your stealth skills to pass through enemie lines undetected.    Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes, is a remake of Metal Gear Solid that was released for the Playstation in 1998.    You assume the role of the legendary spy Solid Snake, which was enjoying a much deserved retirement after saving the wo...

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Is your Snake Solid for some more Metal Gear? 0

 Looks pretty don't it? Remaking a game many consider to be one of the best ever made for the original Playstation was always going to be a difficult task, even for a studio with Eternal Darkness in its back catalogue. The solution Silicon Knights hit upon was a simple but effective one, namely don't change anything. This core design philosophy is simultaneously Twin Snakes' both best and worst quality, with the game managing to ostensibly mimic the original at every turn, whilst l...

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