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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes acts as the prologue to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Series creator Hideo Kojima decided to release Ground Zeroes as a separate product in order to ease players into the open world structure and other gameplay changes. The story of Ground Zeroes shows how the 40-year old protagonist Snake (Big Boss) (not to be confused with his clone/son, Solid Snake) falls into a 9-year coma, leading up to where The Phantom Pain begins. The game released with both retail and digital versions for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on March 18th, 2014 the announced PC version is due for release on December 18th, 2014.


After the events of Peace Walker, Kaz heard from "friends" inside the secretive Cipher organization that Paz had resurfaced in a clandestine prison camp run by American forces off the coast of Cuba called Camp Omega.

Chico, who had always harbored a strong affection for Paz, sets out by himself in order to try to rescue her without telling any of his allies in MSF. He succeeds in finding Paz but is captured by the American troops stationed at Camp Omega before he can attempt a rescue mission.

Both Paz and Chico are brutally tortured and interrogated by XOF leader Skull Face; eventually Chico breaks and reveals information about Mother Base, the headquarters of Big Boss' private military group, Militares Sans Frontieres (MSF; Soldiers Without Borders). Chico divulges key information, such as the number of troops and the base's location out at sea, but most importantly he reveals the existence of Metal Gear ZEKE. He then tries to convince Paz to talk as well to no avail.

After enduring more torture Paz, finally decides to reveal the location of Cipher to Skull Face, who plans to eliminate him once and for all. His reasons for wanting this are unknown.

Kaz and Snake are both afraid that Paz might sell out the truth about MSF and Metal Gear ZEKE. To complicate matters further, the UN (with US forces) plans to inspect Mother Base for nuclear weapons in order to determine whether or not MSF poses a real threat to the world.

This inspection was forced upon them by Huey Emmerich, who, behind Kaz's and Boss' back, reached out to the UN and retracted Boss' initial response to "respectfully decline" the inspection. Huey attempted to justify his actions, stating that transparency is the best policy and that MSF would become poster boys for paramilitary nations after the inspection.

Big Boss and Kaz discover shortly afterward that Chico has been captured following his sudden disappearance, as transmission from him asking for help is being broadcast on open channels. This recording, a final "request" from Skull Face to Chico, raises red flags and clearly signifies a trap.

Snake is forced to infiltrate the prison camp to rescue both Paz and Chico. All he can hope is that Chico is still alive and that Paz can be recovered for questioning. Unfortunately, the inspection team will be arriving the night he leaves for the prison camp, and Kaz warns Snake that he will be on his own without MSF backup for this mission.

Snake arrives quietly at the base and manages to rescue Chico, who becomes very afraid and aggressive upon seeing Snake. Snake then subdues Chico and carries him to the extraction point. Before Chico is extracted, he remarks that Paz is dead and gives Snake a cassette tape to prove it—the tape is recording of Paz's torture and apparent death. Listening to the tape, Snake uses audio clues to deduce where Paz is being held and makes his way to the boiler room of the prison camp; there he finds Paz still alive and bound in chains. Snake frees her and carries her out for evacuation. Aboard the helicopter, it is discovered that a live bomb was surgically implanted into Paz's abdomen by removing some of her organs in order to fit; it is promptly removed by the medic inside the helicopter and thrown into the sea by Snake.

Snake arrives back at Mother Base to find it under heavy attack—the inspection team was a ruse to get an assault force access to the base. Snake attempts to rally his forces and fight back, but he is forced to extract with Kaz and fly away as the base explodes and crumbles into the ocean. Kaz is visibly shaken after witnessing the loss of Mother Base and lashes out at Paz, who he sees as the main culprit—he does not yet know that it was in fact Chico that gave XOF the intelligence about Mother Base. Snake and the others are closely pursued by enemy helicopters, which seem to be under the orders of XOF.

Paz then awakes and stands up in fright to reveal that there is a bomb inside her. Snake tries to calm her down by saying that it had been removed, but as this is being said Paz opens the door and reveals that there is another bomb inside her, throwing herself out of the chopper into the open sea. The bomb goes off when she is just outside the door, causing the chopper to lose control and collide with a pursuing enemy helicopter. At this point the screen fades to black before showing a preview of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.


Unlike previous Metal Gear Solid titles, Ground Zeroes puts Snake into a more open environment built to allow players to approach objectives stealthily from multiple directions as well as multiple methods, such as by vehicle. Similar to Metal Gear Solid 4 however, players control Snake via third person camera and aiming, with first person viewing mechanics as well.

Infiltrating Camp Omega

The stealth gameplay in Ground Zeroes is quite different from anything fans of the series have previously experienced, for one there is no more radar system to help the player situate themselves with his surroundings, instead everything is done via the binoculars. It is complete with a directional microphone that can hear conversations. The binoculars also allow Snake to mark enemies and track their movement on the map and see them through walls depending on how close they are to the player. The player can also hit a button and have Kaz chime in on anything that the binoculars are pointed at, providing some more back story to the base and its soldiers.

Another new mechanic is the reflex mode. If the player is spotted the game will go into slow motion for around five seconds allowing the player to take down the guard that spotted him depending on how far or visible he is. If they fail to do so the entire base will enter alert status and soldiers will begin to converge on the player's position.

Snake has most of the moves players are accustomed to with a few differences. He can aim in all directions while prone by rotating his body as well as perform a combat dive to get out of sticky situations and into nearby cover. Snake will automatically stick to walls and low cover completely removing the need to keep holding the directional button in order to stay hidden. He can also use CQC from cover and disarm enemies by using the correct order of button presses.

During a mission, Snake can drop a flare grenade to signal a helicopter that can be used to retrieve hostages or abort the mission. After the landing zone is selected the helicopter plays a tune chosen by the player when approaching (e.g Heavens Divide or Ride of the Valkyries), though if the tune is too loud, or if the helicopter is too close to enemies, it can be shot down. It can also trigger a full alert status on the base depending on the chosen landjng zone but will not penalize the player´s stealth ranking, because enemies have spotted the helicopter and not Snake.

The iDroid Device

Snake also carries with him an iDroid, a holographic projection device that is used to display the map and mission information, as well as allowing him to call in for a helicopter to rescue both prisoners or to extract himself from the base—all of this taking place outside of the pause menu in real time.

The game also features day/night cycles which enhance replay value by mixing up enemy patrol patterns as well as altering how far away guards will spot you, which in turn forces you to play differently.

Knocking on walls is no longer possible, but players can throw empty magazines in order to replicate the effect. Weapons have accessories that can be toggled on and off, such as suppressors and flash-lights. All suppressors—with the exception of the tranquilizer pistol—will eventually break with usage.

Tranquilizer shots no longer affect targets immediately when hit in the heart or genitals: only head shots instantly knocks out guards. The amount of shots below the neck will determine the delay of him going unconscious: one shot will take 30 seconds to take effect, two shots will take 10 seconds, 3 shots will take a guard down after 2 seconds, and 4 shots below the neck equal a head shot and take a guard out instantly.

There are a total of 7 missions in Ground Zeroes, including the two extra "secret" missions that were temporarily console exclusives:

  • Ground Zeroes (Main Story)
  • Classified Intel Acquisition (Side op for Cassette tape retrieval)
  • Eliminate the Renegade Threat (Assassination Side op with two targets)
  • Intel Operative Rescue (Rescue an operative trying to escape the base by providing cover fire with the helicopter)
  • Destroy the Anti Air Emplacements (Destroy 3 anti-air emplacements and an armored vehicle)
  • Deja Vu (Attempt to capture moments of MGS1 in the Fox Engine)
  • Jamais Vu (Play as Raiden and infiltrate the base that has been taken over by Body Snatchers)

Playstation Mission (Deja Vu)

Metal Gear Solid Title Screen in Ground Zeroes.

The PS4 and PS3 versions of the game features the exclusive mission "Deja Vu". This mission takes players back to Metal Gear Solid brought to life with the latest Fox Engine. Players can unlock and control the MGS1 version of the original Metal Gear protagonist, Solid Snake and Cyborg Ninja Gray Fox.

Xbox Mission (Jamais Vu)

Raiden in Ground Zeroes.

The Xbox One and 360 versions of the game features the exclusive mission "Jamais Vu". This mission has players controlling Raiden as he appeared in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, fighting Body Snatchers that have taken control of a U.S. Naval Facility in Cuba.

At the end of March 2014, both exclusive missions were released to players that owned either platform. However, access to these missions still requires players to collect all XOF badges in the main Ground Zeroes mission.

Almost all of the story in Ground Zeroes is explained via Cassette Tapes which the player can collect in Side-Ops and the Main Mission. These can be accessed either in game as you play or in the main menu and they in turn also provide a lot of smaller details on events leading up to the actual mission and the characters that play a role in the game.

There are also challenges in the game and some of these challenges come in the form of extracting both targets in the assassination mission instead of killing them, fastest marking of all enemies with the binoculars and so on. You are scored at the end of each mission by how stealthy you were, time spent on the mission and if anyone was killed and the mission ranks go from D to S. All missions have a normal and hard difficulty setting.


At the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event, Kojima Productions showed a twenty-minute demonstration of the FOX engine and the game to attendees. Photography or video was not allowed, although excited reactions from attendees surfaced via Twitter.

Teaser Image from Konami flipped correctly.

Konami released a promotional image from the demonstration. The character appeared to be Big Boss, indicated by the "Militaires san Frontieres" patch on his shoulder and his sneaking suit (from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker). The image shows a deliberately backwards phrase that when flipped reads as: "From 'FOX,' two phantoms were born." The meaning of the phrase has yet to be fully detailed.

A few days later at PAX Prime 2012, Kojima showed the same trailer and gameplay at his "Past, Present, and the Future of METAL GEAR" panel, and shortly later released it online. The trailer was as much of a reveal of Ground Zeroes as it was for FOX Engine. The setting for the footage was Camp Omega during a rainy night, showing rain and wind effects. Also detailed was plot points for the game, and Snake's objective at the facility.

Shortly after PAX Prime 2012, Kojima tweeted that Ground Zeroes is not what was known as Project Ogre, another "open world" game on the FOX Engine. Project Ogre was later revealed to be Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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