Any info on if this is still a thing?

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What is ground zeroes and is it still a separate entity apart from MGSV? I can't find any info on it and last I heard was that Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain were merged around the time that whole "Moby Dick Studios" and that fake person that Kojima made up to advertise the game was revealed.

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I think Ground Zeroes is the first part of the game. But, I don't even remember, otherwise..

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I thought Ground Zeroes was supposed to be current gen and MGS 5 is next gen. Who knows at this point though?

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It is the prologue of MGSV. They are the same game.

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Pretty sure "it is unknown whether MGS5 and Ground Zeroes are separate releases or simply parts of the same game." (from above)

Kojima said something like it being the Tanker part of MGS2, with Phantom Pain proceeding after it.

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This is all you need to know.

@n7 said:

It is the prologue of MGSV. They are the same game.


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With Kojima I just don't know anymore. Ground Zeroes could be on a separate disc? On the same disc but just the beginning of MGS V? Split in half? Who knows!

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Considering the same clip of that kid with the headphones in his chest was in both the Ground Zeros demo and the MGSV trailer, I'm going to assume they are the same game.

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It's actually just David Hayter.

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