Here's the first 9 minutes of Ground Zeroes (in English)

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Whoomp there it is. With Kiefer Sutherland and all.

Interestingly enough the video description reads "MGSV THE PHANTOM PAIN - MISSION: GROUND ZEROES - OPENING". So maybe Ground Zeroes is indeed just a part of The Phantom Pain after all. This move vividly reminds me of what happened with the tanker sequence in MGS2.

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Man, whoever's voicing Skull Face is kinda bad... Sutherland on the other hand is sounding alright, though!

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I'm not feeling that Skull Face either. It's weird to hear the new voices, but I like that they talk in a more natural manner. Is that a Walkman at the beginning, by the way?

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Seeing Christopher Randolph's name in the credits solidifies (ha!) to me that David Hayter is going to show up somehow. If they were really trying to distance themselves from those early actors, they would also have replaced him, it makes no sense as he's as cheesy and bad as Hayter.

Loving what I've heard of Kiefer, though. Huge smile when he said the "kept you waiting" line.

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Skull Face doesn't sound like anything I would've imagined coming from a man with a burnt face and a possible military background, something deeper and and older would've been better. As for Keifer Sutherland for some reason he sounded different in the trailer as I know what he sounds like but I'm still hopeful that he will deliver a strong performance.

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I really liked what I heard of Kiefer. Understated, but still sounds like Big Boss.

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Having Kiefer voice Snake can be compared to Luigi kicking Mario in the balls. Or Sonic not making a loop. Or that Ass Creed dude leaping off a clocktower, landing on his knife. Or not having curtains to cover your windows when the sun is burning your face. Or GTA 4. Or the Vita without indie games. The goddamn Ouya.

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Don't want it. I can't not play MGSV. I'll see it when I see it.

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Don't want it. I can't not play MGSV. I'll see it when I see it.

It's just the same footage from when they first announced Ground Zeroes, only with English dialogue.

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I didn't hear a lot of people talk about it, but I think Troy Baker does an amazing job as Ocelot (he's in the E3 trailer). You can tell he really tried to keep the intonations and speech patterns that define the character.

Sutherland... kinda sounds like Sutherland to me. I need to hear more of it before complaining but I'm sceptical. He sounds more "pro" than Hayter, sure, but is that what you need in your dumb video game about anime robots and characters named Skull Face or Code Talker?

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