Hideo Kojima slips up - or did he? New Phantom Pain info!

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Hideo Kojima recently tweeted an image of what appears to be a trailer being edited, with the thumbnail stuck on Game Designer - Director - Producer. It's the file name that draws the attention of eagle eyed fans, however.


TPP? Could it be... The Phantom Pain!?

Nothing is accidental when it comes to Hideo Kojima, so what are the chances that this could be a not-so-direct confirmation that KojiPro were behind it all?

Or maybe the tweet is CG...

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Isn't he going to be revealing more at GDC anyway? Though that was obvious?

But like you said, he might just be messing. I don't think so though.

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Are you being serious?

You can't be serious.

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@trueenglishgent: Yep. Full on 90 minute Fox Engine presentation where he's going to show off Ground Zeroes, and where The Phantom Pain will also be "unveiled".

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The Phantom Pain for the PS4 and next generation consoles. It's also MGS5.

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A confirmation that the sky is blue, but a confirmation nonetheless! :P

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The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes will have Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons style connectivity. CONFIRMED.

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TPP clearly stands for "Totallynot Phantom Painwhichistotallynotmetalgear".

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He also ran down on Twitter how the Fox Engine will focus on photo-realism, specifically with reference to the game he ... er, Joakim is making in The Phantom Pain. I'm sure he realizes what he did ... right?

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None of this is a slip up people, gotta realize this by now.

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In true Dark Knight Joker fashion, something has happened that isn't seemingly 'part of the plan' and everyone is losing their minds.

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None of this is a slip up people, gotta realize this by now.

Exactly. It's Kojima we're talking about here after all. Everything he does was all thought out probably months, if not years ago.

Remember the shit he did back during MGS2? How crazy all of that was?

I'd put nothing past him at this point.

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I'm telling you man just you all wait and see #TEAMCG is going to be right. GDC son! Can't wait.

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I'm leaning more towards CGI after laughing it off the first time I watched the interview but I have my own theories now and we'll just have to wait and see. I don't think Mogren exist. I think it's Kojima OGRE'ing us.

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Kojima announce it!

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