My ludicrous theory on The Phantom Pain.

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detective GAF needs to be applied to world's biggest mysteries. we will have answers!

my theory is Ground Zero and The Phantom Pain are episodes that make up MGS V (yes, V, NOT '5'). episodic, a la Tell Tale. and each episode is you playing a different FOX/XOF member in a distinctively different gaming environment (GZ being open-world sneaky sneaky, PP being military horror) based in a different part of the real world (Cyprus in PP, Cuba in GZ, for example), where you traverse or arrive at the next episode via any mode of transport shown in the extended footage of PP. specifically, there will be lots of mirroring/dualities between the playable characters/episodes, with the major one being Big Boss and Gene (Viper), and their big falling-out ("from FOX, two phantoms were born").

'V has come to/come, too' said by some slavic lady at the end of the PP trailer could be referring to Gene (Viper) or Volgin, or, yet another 'V' playable character in one of the episodes.

i don't think anyone's mentioned this on GAF, either, but the 'taboo' subject of Project Ogre (Joakim mOGREn) could well be child soldiers, of whom we see a lot of in the GZ trailer. the Japanese fairy tale (The Ogre of Rashomon) is about five warriors, where one is goaded into going out at night during a storm (GZ trailer) and seeing if the terrible ogre truly exists. this guy ends up meeting this ogre, and in trying to get away/kill it, chops off the ogre's arm. he keeps it in a locked box. the ogre comes back one day, disguised as his old nursemaid ('trojan horse' mentioned in the GZ trailer by scarred face), to take it back. ogre succeeds in taking the arm back, runs away, and is never seen again.

to me, the GZ trailer and PP trailer has the same graphic assets. so much so that GZ and PP could almost be happening nearly at the same time. just from different vantage points.


(from wikipedia, keeping in mind the, "am i in a dream?" "am i in hell?" "open your eyes" monologue of the PP trailer and Kojima's love of movies)

"The Rashomon effect is the effect of the subjectivity of perception on recollection, by which observers of an event are able to produce substantially different but equally plausible accounts of it. A useful demonstration of this principle in scientific understanding can be found in an article by that name authored by Karl G. Heider.

It is named for Akira Kurosawa's film Rashomon, in which a crime witnessed by four individuals is described in four mutually contradictory ways. The film is based on two short stories by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, "Rashōmon" (for the setting) and "Yabu no naka", otherwise known as "In a Grove" (for the story line)."


ive also got this feeling that maybe the Joakim Mogren nonsense may be more than viral marketing, like, maybe it's an in-game character who owns this Moby Dick Studio. this studio makes some sort of videos peppered throughout the game, or one episode (PP).

btw, Kojima answered that in GZ the hair looks whiter than it really is due to the intense strength of the lighting in the FOX engine.

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@Inkerman said:

The more theories I read about this, the more I realise the MGS universe is fucking insane.

pretty much

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@baldgye said:

@Inkerman said:

The more theories I read about this, the more I realise the MGS universe is fucking insane.

pretty much

It has already featured one boss fight where the dude will scream at you for using a Sixaxis controller and your tactical advisor Col. Cambell tells you your best strategy is to shoot the bust of the bosses fathers head. I am somewhat surprised it took a flying whale that is lit on fire eating a helicopter for your to finally notice that MGS is basically bat shit insane.

But then that's part of why I love Metal Gear.

Anyway the dude isn't Zero. Is it in England? I doubt it. I expect it is somewhere like the Gaf people keep spamming (Cyprus) just based on the few moments where you actually see outside. Also this is obviously not a standard, or even necessarily legal hospital we are dealing with. It isn't like MGS 4 or MGS 2 didn't take place in more than one locale or anything. No way it is just one game that takes place over time in different areas ;p.

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