Solid Snake confirmed to be in MGS5

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Does anyone remember this article? He said Solid Snake would appear in MGS5. In a recent interview with Hideo Kojima(As recent as yesterday), Geoff Keighley asked Hideo Kojima how much the game has changed since it was an idea in his head, and he said it had changed very little.

With the recent announcement that David Hayter would not be voicing Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid 5, could this be a coy attempt to bring in a young Solid Snake, voiced by Hayter? Some would argue that he is Solid Snake.

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Let's see... Ground Zeroes will probably take place a few years after Peace Walker, which took place in 1974, and Phantom Pain will take place 9 years after that, making it probably take place in the mid-late 80s, if not the early 90s. Snake was born in 1972 soooooo.... yeah. That could work.

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Big Boss/Solid Snake co-op, motherfuckers. Do it, Kojima!

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@arbitrarywater: Another thing to remember is that Big Boss was a mercenary for years. This game is supposed to be massive in scale and scope, so for all we know, this game could span additional years.

Big Boss and Master Miller(Kazuhira Miller) had trained Solid Snake, personally, in hand-to-hand combat. So, Snake and Boss meet. Will this happen in MGS5? Well, Kojima confirmed he's in the game. So I guess we'll see what he has planned.

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Isn't the guy without the arm in the gameplay trailer Snake?? I haven't played MGS since MGS2 on the Xbox..... but it looked like him.

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So many snakes!

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@jdh5153 said:

Isn't the guy without the arm in the gameplay trailer Snake?? I haven't played MGS since MGS2 on the Xbox..... but it looked like him.

It was Big Boss. We're still going through his arc. Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain will be Big Boss. But Solid Snake will at least make an appearance, as the interview has stated.

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It makes sense, they getting closer and closer time line wise to the original MG and there has to be time for Solid to be created and trained.

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That's what I first thought when I heard the voice and it wasn't Hayter. I think everyone is being coy about it because there is some kind of reveal no one wants to spoil. It seems crazy that they would just cut him out.

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All I know, is that I want Snake's Solid Snake.

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The troll that would top Kojima's Metal Gear Solid 2 troll:

Tankerish chapter Ground Zeros: Big Boss doing the downfall of MSF and Mother Base.

Plant-esque chapter The Phantom Pain: Switch to Solid Snake as a young adult who's exactly what fans do not want and will somehow conflict with the character that 'debuted' so to speak in 1998/2005's Shadow Moses Incident (yeah I'm excluding the MSX games, as character and writing was only a small component). It wouldn't take much to create an uproar; he could be whiny, he could talk too much, or he could just seemingly be clumsy or suck as a soldier (ala Johnny Sasaki).

Until Kojima starts showing more variation in locales, character, and story, I'm gonna assume he's pulling the same shit he did with Metal Gear Solid 2, as most of the presentation and marketing was centered around the tanker chapter, which is why the switch to Raiden was such a big deal.

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I think it'd be hilarious if we meet like 15-18 year old Solid Snake and yet he still has all of dat gravel going on with his voice. Better yet, they should show you the very moment his voice breaks and the Solid Snake we've come to recognise is truly born...

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I hope someday soon we get some kind of Metal Gear that doesn't revolve around the already-overly convoluted Big Boss/Solid Snake stuff.

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@sparky_buzzsaw: Pretty sure that's already happened, and it was pretty awesome.

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So after these next two games its gonna have to be remakes of MG 1 and 2, right? Finally remaster Snakes outing into Outer Heaven and Zanzabar in the "Solid" games. That seems like the most logical progression but then again Kojima isn't the most logical fellow.

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I would love to see a HD remake of Metal Gear. Seeing Frank Jaeger and Solid Snake fighting in the middle of a minefield in HD glory would be fantastic.

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I dunno, Solid Snake would be pretty young in the 80s. Would he have the gravelly voice?

Unless it jumps forward again in time, which is possible. Who knows!

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