Anyone else lost respect for Kojima after the MGSV reveal?

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#51 Posted by Zero_ (1976 posts) -

Metal Gear Solid is a series for me that I'll just keep playing. Forget that my avatar is a MGS related thing, I just want to see how crazy Metal Gear gets because in those crazy moments, there are sparks of genius. For every groan inducing soliloquy about death, there's an awesome boss battle. For every long ass codec talk, there's an amazing cutscene. And for me, that's worth it. So long as Hideo Kojima is behind these games and he's still crazy AS FUCK, I'm down. Shame about Hayter though...

#52 Posted by Thanatos3 (82 posts) -

Kojima wanted to stop making Metal Gear after 2. He never really seemed that crazy to me as everyone says he is. Because he has fun doing marketing? He let Hayter go now that Big Boss is going to be getting older (and really by Peace Walker he sounded like someone doing a parody of snake) and it would only make sense that his voice would change. As for the Japanese voice, who knows why he stays maybe he is better at changing his voice. When was Hayter used for Ground Zeroes? Kojima is actually excited about this game and that is a good sign. The reason he pisses off his fans is because he cares about the themes of his games more than demand from the industry and fans who want more of Snake, instead he gave us one of the most important experiences in video games in the past 15 years. After fans didn't get the point of MGS2 Kojima gave us what we wanted with 3, a big manly Big Boss and his love interest breasts woman. Over the top villains and scenarios and little required codec sequences. With 4 he finally answered all the questions albeit in a unsatisfying way, with Old Snake representing how he felt about the series as a whole now. But with MGS5 he has gone all out and seems genuinely excited to deliver so if anything my respect has grown from what he did in MGS4.

#53 Edited by npa189 (32 posts) -

I love metal gear as much as the next decoy octopus, but hayter not being in MGSV, really isn't that big of a deal to me, naked snake completely becomes big boss when he stops wearing the bandanna, and he is older now, and people's voices change with age. Who knows? Maybe we will see a young soild snake in this game? Couldn't have Hayter voicing both big boss and snake, that would just be retarded, even for metal gear.

#54 Edited by joshthebear (2700 posts) -

No, it gave us the ridiculousness that was this.

#55 Posted by xyzygy (10103 posts) -

Not really. I just thought it was kind of lame. I didn't lose any respect for him though. He just didn't pull it off very well and it was just really dumb and weird.

That said, however, I DID lose respect for him after MGS4 came out. The storyline in that game was a mess of excuses and really lame explanations that made nanomachines the main character and not Snake. Though Raiden was badass in that game, best character in it IMO. Snake was just old and frail and really pitiful.

#56 Posted by JasonR86 (9753 posts) -

He's been a punchline since MGS2 for me and I couldn't care less.

#57 Edited by Lovareth (1 posts) -

i respect kojima for what he did.. metal gear is kojima'a creation..he can do anything he want with it.. he also do own the production team itself - kojima production.. if you really want to bring hayter back, you should buy kojima production then XD.. or make a games production team and request for permission to do your own metal gear game from kojima (the hire hayter for your game) ..

#58 Posted by eskimo (484 posts) -

THIS is what makes you lose respect for Kojima?

Not me, the guy already seemed quite mad, and this is just more of the same.

#59 Posted by ShaggE (6928 posts) -

I thought it was a ton of fun. Yeah, we all knew it was MGS5 within minutes of the first Phantom Pain reveal, but I miss crazy marketing in games. MGS is a silly franchise (in a good way), so it deserves some silly marketing.

#60 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (6167 posts) -

I thought it was pretty good spirited. Kojima seems like he just wants to have fun and I like that.

#61 Posted by Belegorm (784 posts) -

I honestly don't really care that much tbh.

That said, I'm still gonna miss Hayter in MGS5, whenever I get around to playing it (still haven't beaten MGS4).

#62 Edited by amazinmace (37 posts) -

OP you're spot on.

MGS4 was a huge disappointment. Even Kojima himself said the game was a 1/10 in his view.

Big Boss et. al were the brains behind the Patriots? That sort of ruins my experience as the player, since I always liked that the game seemed to hold a decidedly anti-war tone, and I come to find out that basically you're playing to further the military-industrial-complex because ??

Kojima is probably CIA in real life. I bet you after MGS1 they put him on the payroll.

#63 Posted by Sooty (8082 posts) -

Not really no, I still have such fond memories of MGS1. I just wish the series didn't start sucking after 3.

#64 Edited by Shortbreadtom (892 posts) -

I just don't know what's going on. I know embarrassingly little about Metal Gear, and the whole guerrilla marketing, fake company bullshit and the fact that there are 2 MG games coming out (right?) leaves me confused.

#65 Posted by Legion_ (1555 posts) -

Seriously, go back and listen to Hayter. He sucks. He sounds so damn stupid in those games. Good riddance.

#66 Posted by amazinmace (37 posts) -

The decision to drop Hayter was initially bewildering and still is slightly upsetting, but in all honesty when you compare the jankyness of the series' story arch to the shift away from the iconic voice actor for solid snake it sort of makes sense. Kojima doesn't give a shit about the consistency of the series, and I don't think he ever did.

#67 Posted by Emoney244 (167 posts) -

I 100% agree. I am excited and depressed about MGSV. Kojima's antics, David Hayter being replaced and Metal Gear Online being developed by an American team is worrisome.

#68 Posted by Zella (871 posts) -

I found the whole thing hilariously entertaining, a little sad Hayter is gone but I did find he was really hamming it up a bit in Peace Walker. I also am betting that Hayter isn't actually gone and is gonna be voice acting Solid in someway, either as teenage Solid in the main story of 5 or as Solid in some flash forward to the future. I just can't see Kojima dropping the dude randomly after that long as the voice of his signature character.

While it is too early to declare a pattern it looks like 5 will be amazing from it's title alone. 1 and 3 were great with interesting stories and cool characters, 2 and 4 were not so great with convoluted stories and boring characters, thus 5 should be great.

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