Ground Zeroes is a movie.

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What if Ground Zeroes, the first half of Metal Gear Solid 5, is a film made by the Patriots to glorify Big Bosses actions taken at Camp Omega? We already know that Decoy Octopus was an actor before he was taken in by the CIA, so could it be him? Is that why it’s Kiefer Sutherland instead of David Hayter? The images below are what kinda set me off and theories are fun, so why not.

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That would be the dumbest and best thing ever.

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@iron1c said:

That would be the dumbest and best thing ever.

Would kinda explain why it's being done in two parts as well. You can't exactly play half a game, then be told that none of it actually happened. Also if it actually happened, it'd be a weird twist on what people were saying about MGS4. "Metal Gear Solid 4 was nothing cutscenes, it's practically a movie." And then this happens.

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That's a level of MGS idiocy I can get behind.

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That sounds like the stupidest thing ever. I love it!

I'm confused on Metal Gear events and times though. When does Big Boss break away from Zero and the others?

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I'm just ready for more Metal Gear, don't care how you get it in me.

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After or during Phantom Pain. Big Boss gets cloned while he's in a coma right? And he breaks away from Zero after he's cloned.

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Cool idea but no way. Looking at the tone of the trailers it seems like kojima is going full serious with dumb sprinkle on top instead of full dumb with serious sprinkle on top.

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Please let this be true.

@petiew said:

That sounds like the stupidest thing ever. I love it!

I'm confused on Metal Gear events and times though. When does Big Boss break away from Zero and the others?

I believe he leaves them after discovering Zero had Paramedic make clones of him. That's before the Peace Walker incident.

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You are a either a psychic or you just out kojima'ed Kojima! ;)

Seriously this would be an amazingly dumb twist in all the right ways.

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That is an amazing theory! Would love it if it'd turn out to be true.

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Stuff like this just makes me giggle with delight at fucking absurd it is.

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Given the fact that The Patriots were made by Zero, who (at this point) is pretty much an enemy of Big Boss, I doubt they would try to do anything to glorify Big Boss.

Also, as someone mentioned above, I don't think GZ or Phantom Pain are going to be glorifying Big Boss, at least not tonally. From what I've seen, it seems more like this is the story of how Big Boss went from basically being Solid Snake with cigars to being the Big Boss from Metal Gear 1, who was, to a certain extent, a villainous character (at least in the sense that he's the final boss and whatnot). I have a feeling that both GZ and PP are going to make you (ie, Big Boss) do a lot of things that (Kojima thinks) will make players uncomfortable/not like Big Boss.

Or not, what do I know?

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@mooseymcman: I'm totally with you on this. I mean, Big Boss has a fucking horn in Phantom Pain, how obvious does the symbolism get? After Peace Walker's story was over, the music got all dark and angry and Big Boss already had gone over the deep end - no way is this game going to glorify Big Boss. Guess it's time for Metal Gear Silly to become Metal Gear Serious... eh? I'll leave now.

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@billymaysrip: The end battle is Silly Snake fist fighting Serious Snake on top of Konami's corporate headquarters.

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@mooseymcman: You're probably right, at least as far as intent goes. I wonder though how anyone will dislike Big Boss considering he's the series protagonist at this point with more games featuring him as the lead than anyone else in Metal Gear.

Not that I'm complaining, I love Big Boss. I just can't see how Kojima could make someone dislike the character. MGS3 was far too effective.

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@oldirtybearon: Oh I think there are plenty of ways. I think most of the story he will be a tweener then near the end have a full blown heel turn. Plenty of variables on the table such as Pacifica Ocean (a.k.a Paz) who boss still seems to have some attachment to even though she is a cipher agent.

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