How will MGS 5 handle...

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...the fact that almost no one in the West played Peace Walker? Among games writers, I imagine maybe one editor at a given games publication played it, compared to say MGS3 or MGS4 where you can assume a majority of them had. Among the broader gaming audience, I imagine only MGS super fans played through all of PW. This is the first time since MGS1 that we're going to have a MGS game that references a bunch of characters and plot events from a game that almost nobody played. So how will they handle it?

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Long drawn out exposition? I heard it's a Kojima thing.

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Flashbacks with either Johnny Sasaki family member taking a shit or some female panty shot. Yeah I did the Meryl easter eggs in metal gear solid, sue me I was a kid.

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I'm sure there will be plenty of lengthy expository dialogue that will fill in the gaps just fine, and even if there isn't Kojima probably doesn't care.

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nothing more long cut scenes about complete nonsense can't fix

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Like most Metal Gear games, there is enough info out there about Peace Walker that a lot of it is common knowledge. Also, you can find out everything you need to know from the Metal Gear Wiki, or just watch the play through videos on YouTube (that's what I did).

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Probably by having en extended monologue over an arbitrary visual display of timelines and nanomachines.

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They probably won't try to handle it.

At best there will be some sort of "Previously on MGS" type recap.

I don't think missing out on some story beats will be that much of problem given the amount of nonsense that is sure to be part of MGS5's story anyway.

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I'm guessing that most, if not all, loose ends from Peace Walker will be tied up in Ground Zeroes. This leaves The Phantom Pain to work with more familiar or original characters and stories.

Not a whole lot happened in Peace Walker, anyway. As long as Kojima elaborates on MSF and Cypher I don't see there being much room for confusion.

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People don't need to know what happens in the "true" ending of peace walker that was just dumb and not funny/bad/great MGS dumb but "pacifica ocean" dumb.They just need to introduce the characters (like Chico , Paz, the french lady, Otacon's Grampa) again because thinking about nothing really happened in peace walker.

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They could just do a short "Last time on Metal Gear" thing that covers Portable Ops and Peace Walker. There were some important events in those two, but it's nothing they couldn't explain in a few minutes.

Also, everyone needs to know what happens in the true ending of Peace Walker. I laughed so fucking hard at 'Pacifica Ocean'.

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They could always update the MGS Encyclopedia they released for MGS4?

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MGS1 was full of references to Metal Gear 1 and 2, and I'm pretty sure nobody in the west had played these games at the time. I had no idea who Gray Fox or Big Boss were, but that didn't make the game any less great; and even if MGS5 assumes you've played Peace Walker, you can always find the synopsis or watch the cutscenes on youtube.Also, people should play Peace Walker. It's a cool game.

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MGS1 was full of references to Metal Gear 1 and 2, and I'm pretty sure nobody in the west had played these games at the time. I had no idea who Gray Fox or Big Boss were, but that didn't make the game any less great; and even if MGS5 assumes you've played Peace Walker, you can always find the synopsis or watch the cutscenes on youtube.Also, people should play Peace Walker. It's a cool game.

This. In fact, I really liked how Kojima handled this "issue" back in the day by not dealing with it at all, if you will. It got me interested in the backstory of those characters and the overarching plot of the series. When Snake freaked out over the fact that the cyborg ninja was Gray f'n Fox I wasn't thinking to myself: "Fuck you game for not educating me properly first"; I thought: "Dammit, this guy must be a freaking legend if even Snake and the Colonel loose their shit about him!"
Good for me I didn't read those summaries of the first two Metal Gears which--not to forget--were actually accessible from the main menu ...

Considering how much I liked Peace Walker I'd encourage a similar approach. If it gets more people to check out this often overlooked neat entry in the series, all's good in my opinion.

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It could have a "Last time on" option on the main menu that could just be a quick recap thing.

I dunno! Hopefully they do something, because there was a lot of story going on in Peace Walker, and it looks like the set up of Ground Zeroes revolves around finding characters from that game, and ONLY from that game.

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Wait, Metal Gear stories are supposed to be comprehensible?

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I've not been more excited for a game in quite some time, it will become known as the true sequel to MGS3.

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@i_stay_puft: I'd do them again if they had any in MGS4. Meryl is a fox.

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No one played Peacewalker? WTF?

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I hope they don't because especially with the HD release everyone should fucking play that game. Like, seriously play that game if you are remotely interested in MGSV. Its so so good.

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@methodman008 said:

No one played Peacewalker? WTF? didn't do great.

Well, it didn't sell great, specifically. Maybe everybody just pirated the fuck out of it, and every single PSP owner has played it, for all I know. The data on "Which game did software pirates finish" are a little thin.

Still, PW came out WAY late in the PSP lifecycle, and for a platform that was never a huge success outside of Japan, I feel like people were especially not paying attention to PSP releases by the time that PW came out.

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@bisonhero: I bought a PSP just to play that game. Okay, and some other stuff, but I bought it for PW! (Not that it matters).

But then I re-bought it when the HD version came out! (Not that it matters).

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@mooseymcman: Yeah, it's kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy, because I really doubt that the handheld iterations of largely console franchises (MGS, God of War, SOCOM, Resistance) ever get anywhere near the marketing budget from Sony as the console games do, so way less gamers would've even heard about PW, compared to the crazy amount of trailers I remember there being of MGS3 and 4.

Also, I feel like way less publications reviewed or talked about PW, compared to other MGS games (similar treatment to Portable Ops and Acid). Like, GB coverage of PW was nothing besides a QL, right? And I don't remember anyone at GB getting particularly far into it. No review or anything.

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@bisonhero: I think there were two QLs of it. No...One was of that Japanese demo from TGS? But yeah, that game didn't get a ton of coverage. I think Brad was playing it, and it came out around the same time that Brad didn't review Red Dead Redemption, and given how down he was on it in the QL, he probably didn't play any after that video. The only other thing I remember from that video was Vinny saying, "It's an upside down Deadly Premonition symbol!"

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I'm less concerned with that and more interested in knowing if it'll depict the other founding Patriots during this time period at all. There's a big jump between Sigint and Para-Medic and Donald and Dr. Clark.

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