Phantom Pain to run at 60fps, 1080p on PS4?

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With ''room to spare'' apparently, according to Kojima himself. Though Phantom Pain is unfortunately still a ways off, so it's tough to say if Kojima will stay true to his word as development progresses. But considering how absolutely gorgeous that game looks, and not to mention its sense of scale, it'd be pretty fucking swell if it could also stay at a steady 60.

Most games on current-gen systems are still mostly running at 30fps, and of course it's the bump in resolution that has been given priority. As such, games locked at 30fps seems like it would still continue to be the norm for consoles, and that may still be the case. But hey, if Phantom Pain can look as good as it does while also pulling off 60fps, then hopefully that'll mean the ratio of console games hitting 30 or 60 will rise!

It's worth noting that he was specifically referring to the PS4 version, though, so I wonder if this could be another notch on the divide between multi-platform games. Given the history MGS has with Sony platforms, however, it probably shouldn't come to much surprise anyway that MGSV will perhaps favour the PS4.

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Well, it's probably safe to say that Ground Zeroes does, given that that's out next month. It's running on the same engine, so hopefully they can pull it off.

Also, Kojima has already said that the PS4 version of Ground Zeroes looks "slightly better" than the Xbox One version.

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It better. Seriously, there is NO REASON why a next-gen (well I guess current-gen now) game couldn't run a 60fps 1080p. If it doesn't somebody screwed up somewhere.

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It better. Seriously, there is NO REASON why a next-gen (well I guess current-gen now) game couldn't run a 60fps 1080p. If it doesn't somebody screwed up somewhere.

Dude, it is not like they went all out on the hardware like they have done so many times before. Both Microsoft and Sony went for cost and power efficiency. Let's be real here, in PC terms, that Jaguar APU is a piece of shit. Also, they got 8 cores in there so it will be some time until all 8 cores are used efficiently. This hardware is not exactly made for brute forcing. Phantom Pain has looked blurry and washed out in most trailers. I never thought MGS4 was technically impressive, as it was behind the times in shaders and textures. But back to the hardware. Yeah, what we have grown to expect from new consoles is more resolution, higher frame rate. Look at how well games on the 360 launch ran though today look like shit. Need for Speed on the 360 looked and ran better than on the PC in those days. But MS and Sony are afraid to take a hit on hardware and so they are not selling these things at loss like usual. Sony's only big jump is that GDDR5 RAM they are using but honestly, compare what they put in the last consoles to what was in PCs at the time and compare what these consoles have to PCs today. These CPU cores are competitive against Intel's mobile CPUs like the Atom line, tablets. Nothing you would see in a PC or real laptop. It is the economics that drove the performance of these consoles and they are hoping that going 4x2 on the cores will make that up. So I get where you are coming from, it sucks that they are not powerful enough to do it out of the gate.

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It better. Seriously, there is NO REASON why a next-gen (well I guess current-gen now) game couldn't run a 60fps 1080p. If it doesn't somebody screwed up somewhere.

Well not really.

It's always give and take when you design games. For example they could trade 60 fps 1080p for one more enemy on screen or slightly larger texture sizes. Then they would lock the game at 30 FPS and say "it plays better with the extra AI on the map, rather than the extra FPS". Just an example of a trade.

This goes for all games. Not trying to be pedantic or anything duder I just wanted to say that there are many design decisions that could lead to a game being purposefully 720p or 30 FPS. It just depends on developer priorities.

Metal Gear Solid has always been a technical powerhouse and in my mind there's no doubt it'll be 1080p/60 FPS, it's a series that has always pushed graphics, even if, in the past, the graphics came at the cost of framerate (MGS2 rain, hello!).

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@thehbk: It is nothing about CPU today all goes about the GPU. So having a strong GPU helps a lot in this case. Trying to get a PC with the same performance than the PS$ will cost you like 1000$. And a huge advantage Consoles have is that they are being optimized to no ends. Everything is the same so they basically can archive much more with the same power than developer for PC can do since you always have to consider different builds, cards etc.

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I just hope they are able to up the performance factor from what we are seeing now. If this is all they can do, this new generation is going to be a bummer. I feel bad for all the people who don't have capable gaming PCs.

I mean, I don't expect a console to compare to a high-end PC, but come one they can do better than what they have been doing,

As far as the whole trade off between fps and game design, I would rather have a game that ran at a smooth 60 vs a game that runs a varying fps or locked at 30 with a bunch of stuff clogging it down. After playing PC games for so long at a smooth 60+, it's hard for me to go back to anything less. It just feels too slow.

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