sethphotopoulos's Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions (PlayStation) review

MGS VR Missions Is A Fun Game If a Bit Dated.

Yeah.  I know.  This game is about 11 years old.  But still If one decides to check out this new invention called the internet and just buy it you might not have a bad deal.  MGS VR Missions is pretty much the stealth/combat portion of the original MGS game.  Which right there lets you know wether or not you'll have fun playing it.   
The new material in this expansion includes: 
*New Enemies including a giant soldier and blocks made of 1s and 0s. 
*Play as Grey Fox to cut down enemies. 
*A CSI type mode where you must solve the murders of a series of victims. 
*A mode which lets you take pictures of the women of Metal Gear Solid. 
*And a series of challenges which include time attacks and practice meant to hone you Metal Gear infiltrating and combat skills. 
It being only the gameplay part of Metal Gear which is not the series' strength but the price being very low.  I got my copy new for like $7.  You should at least check it out.


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