Do people actually enjoy Metal Gear gameplay?

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#1 Posted by kaos_cracker (945 posts) -

So I recently got the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection and I gotta say I love the Story and cutscenes. However, when it comes down to any type of combat or some of the controls I think it is terrible. At least the shooting is. I am on Metal Gear Solid 3 as I am going through that first and I'm just curious if anyone else had a hard time with it or if I am just terrible at this game. I played some of Metal Gear Solid 4 and thought the combat and controls in that one were great, at least compared to this.

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@kaos_cracker: You do realize you are playing games that range from 15 years, to 9 years old right? Games that were probably ground breaking for their time period?

#4 Posted by StudioErebus (67 posts) -

If you're not liking how the combat feels I think you've made a mistake starting with Snake Eater. I remember that game improving things over Solid 1 & 2.

#5 Posted by PolyesterKyle (148 posts) -

It isn't for everybody, half my friends love it and the others are just sort of disinterested in it. But to answer your question, yes, people do enjoy it.

#6 Posted by falserelic (5723 posts) -

Hell yeah I enjoy playing Metal Gear, its a game I grew up playing. Hell I still remember how epic it was when I saw the first VR missions.

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The game allowed you to play as Gray Fox, and at the time I had an instant orgasm. Then we also had the great sequels to follow. Overall the mgs series was aswome.

#7 Posted by vikingdeath1 (1110 posts) -

I also recently got the HD collection, and started with MGS2 and absolutely Hate most of the way it plays, but i'm still gonna try to beat it And MGS3 because I like everything Else about them.

#8 Posted by charlie_victor_bravo (1231 posts) -

I hope people enjoy the gameplay, because if they are in it for the story, that would fill me with horror.

#9 Posted by Skytylz (4070 posts) -

I also recently got the HD collection, and started with MGS2 and absolutely Hate most of the way it plays, but i'm still gonna try to beat it And MGS3 because I like everything Else about them.

I played through about 2/3 or MGS2 in the HD collection and I just couldn't stand the controls any longer. I really loved the game back then, but it does not hold up.

#10 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

*raises hand* Yes?

#11 Edited by NTM (8490 posts) -

It's easier to get back into it even though it's archaic by now than it would be to play them for the first time now after all the current games you've played, I assume. I still really love them for what they are, but I wouldn't have minded expanded mechanics so they all play the same mechanically at least. From a gameplay perspective, when comparing one to another, they all have their strengths and weaknesses, because going from one to another in some spots is kind of jarring. Throughout, they take stuff out and put other stuff in to fit the game. It would have been cool, though I imagine in some areas unneeded, to make it so they all play the same by taking the best mechanics from each and inserted them into all.

#12 Posted by stubbleman (308 posts) -

I sure as shit like the game play a whole lot more than I like their dumb-assed shitty stories.

'Colonel. I’ve got Emma Emmerich here. We’ve managed to avoid drowning.'

'Good job guys. Now get over to Shell 1 so you can watch a cutscene of Otacon crying in front of a parrot for twenty minutes.'

#13 Posted by Darji (5412 posts) -

The only MGS game I did not enjoy gameplay wise was Snakeeater. And 4 so far had the best gameplay and V looks really outstanding^^

#14 Edited by gaminghooligan (1711 posts) -

Um.... yes?

#15 Posted by Whitestripes09 (533 posts) -

Damn, if you hate Snake Eater's gameplay I have no idea how you're going to play the other ones... To be honest though when taken into consideration of when these games came out, they were the best stealth games you could get at the time. I'm just glad that in 4 they modernized it and it looks like 5 is going to be even better.

#16 Posted by ViciousReiven (899 posts) -

Stop being bad at things, because it plays fine.

#17 Edited by EuanDewar (5155 posts) -

I do, yes.

#18 Posted by TobbRobb (5218 posts) -

I probably couldn't have gotten into it if I started fresh now. But since I already know how they tick and became a fan when they were new. Hell yes I do. Metal Gear gameplay is fun! Played through 3 again not too long ago and loved it!

#19 Edited by Darji (5412 posts) -

@whitestripes09: I just did not really enjoy it. It was too open or too complicated (the injuries stuff or eating and disguise) I really don't know. Also everything looked the same and jungle setting was not really to my liking as well.

#20 Posted by Itwastuesday (1100 posts) -

The only MGS game I didn't enjoy sneaking around in was 4. I also mostly like the structure of the games, except for 4. I mean, they're stealth games, but they're not excessively difficult like some others. Just take your time and they're pretty forgiving.

#21 Posted by Humanity (11876 posts) -

I do enjoy it. Although I must say that I enjoyed the gameplay in MGS3 the least of all because there was no radar and the camera was at quite a steep angle. Also all the jungle areas didn't do much for me.

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Yes I do.

#23 Posted by JasonR86 (10031 posts) -

No, no one enjoys it.

#24 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

I love it, it takes some time to get use to but once you get a hang of it its great.

#25 Posted by flasaltine (1863 posts) -

Oh boy just wait until you get to MGS1. I just finished that recently and it was super frustrating. Do you like turret cameras on walls that shoot you when you walking to a room that you cant see because they are high up on a wall and you have no radar? Do you like waiting for a camera to pass so you can run down some stairs only to have snake veer off into the direction of the camera to get spotted? Do you like not being able to heal after a boss battle and then having to fight 4 strong invisible dudes on a small elevator? Do you like some bad boss encounters?

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If you're having troubles with MGS3 you're in for a rough ride...

#27 Edited by kaos_cracker (945 posts) -

I am getting through the game, I am halfway through. Just some of the scenarios seem pretty bad, and shooting is a pain to me, control wise. A majority of the game I enjoy though. Just the controls seem poor to me. Metal Gear Solid 4 I'm excited to play again, but I can't get to that until I play all the others first.

#28 Posted by roninhack (43 posts) -

I replayed MGS2 and 3 recently when they released the HD collection. And I can understand that a few of the controls are very different from what 3rd person action games are now. MGS3 wasn't that bad (the subsistance version(?) has a control config close to what we are used to now.) I found it much more enjoyable playing the game on an easier difficulty to compensate for some of the finger yoga that is needed for some of these games.

The bigger trick is to not play other games in between because any training that you have gained from playing MGS2 or 3 will be tried at least a few times in the other games. and you will have to retrain when you start back on MGS.

#29 Posted by YOU_DIED (712 posts) -

Sounds like someone forgot the basics of CQC

#30 Posted by Nikoran (171 posts) -

If you're starting with MGS3, you're doing it wrong. Always go by release order when you are playing the series for the first time.

But if you are finding it hard to enjoy the series, maybe it just isn't for you. I would try and get used to it, though. It's worth it in the long run.

#31 Edited by CaLe (4319 posts) -

I haven't got the patience to go back and play through them again. Playing them when they came out I had no problems and even enjoyed it, just can't go back.

#32 Edited by MooseyMcMan (12022 posts) -

MGS 1-3 are really dated by modern standards, but I really enjoy playing MGS4 and Peace Walker.

#33 Posted by Irvandus (3106 posts) -

MGS4 and Peace Walker are super fun to play.

#34 Posted by GERALTITUDE (4564 posts) -

Some of my favourite gameplay ever, from 1 to 4.

The games are primed for stealth, not shooting, so keeping that in mind, yeah - I looove MGS.

My tips are to be patient. Walk. Don't run. Use the first person view. Watch guards. Memorize patterns. You don't need to KO everybody. Or kill everybody. Or get all the items. Unless you are a vet don't even consider for 2 seconds doing any "never get seen" run throughs. You'll hate the game. And don't convince yourself you're too bad ass for normal or easy mode either.

There is a codec convention in MGS1 that explains all this in a really hilarious Mei Ling kind of way, something about alligators and bridges. MGS is trying to game you. It wants you to run for the obvious item and get seen. It wants you to rush. Don't do it! Don't let Kojima win.

#35 Edited by Aetheldod (3914 posts) -

I love how those games play aand how un western like they are :D

#36 Posted by Demoskinos (16442 posts) -

Metal Gear Solid 1 is one of my favorite games of all time... so yeah. You can't be comparing games from 15 years ago with stuff today. Technology has rapidly changed how games are made and what trends and kind of design is deemed "acceptable" for its time Metal Gear Solid was one of the most ground breaking games ever. Also, if you're constantly shooting things you're doing it wrong anyways.

#37 Posted by SpaceRunaway (902 posts) -


#38 Edited by Seppli (11233 posts) -

I loved MGS 1's gameplay. I liked MGS 2 well enough. MGS 3 (the initial release with fixed camera) didn't cut it anymore, to the point of me quitting prematurely. I finished MGS4, but I hated it every step of the way. MGS felt increasingly outdated to me. Jank fucking city. I am absolutely past enjoying the incoherent theatric ramblings of MGS, and most other Japanese entertainment variants with similar traits - regardless of setting.

That said, MGS 5 looks like it'll catch up with modern standards. I guess I'll try to enjoy the story, though it'll more likely be ironic enjoyment.

#39 Edited by ProfessorK (847 posts) -

Sure, Solid was fine but I very much enjoyed what 2 added to the mix like hold ups first person aiming and the ability to put enemies to sleep. And I love the insanity of the VR missions especially in Substance.

#40 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

I wish the cut-scenes are shorter in MGS V thats the only compliant i have about that series.

#41 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12022 posts) -

I wish the cut-scenes are shorter in MGS V thats the only compliant i have about that series.

I dunno, they paid for Keifer Sutherland, they probably want their money's worth.

#42 Posted by kaos_cracker (945 posts) -

This is just a random note, but, the late title card intro movie may be the best thing ever. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but it took me an hour and forty two minutes to reach it, and when I did I had to laugh.

#43 Edited by cmblasko (1559 posts) -

The original MGS is rough, but its sequels still hold up pretty well for me.

#44 Posted by Reisz (1608 posts) -

Like the air I breathe.

#45 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12906 posts) -

The first game doesn't necessarily hold up all that well, but MGS 2 and 3 are totally passable stealth games.

#46 Edited by Darkstorn (479 posts) -

They work if you enjoy semi-complicated mechanics. MGS4 really streamlined the whole gameplay experience and made it much more accessible, though.

#47 Edited by TechnoSyndrome (1109 posts) -

The gameplay is the good part of Metal Gear. People who only play those games for the story are crazy.

#48 Posted by FLStyle (5717 posts) -

The gameplay wasn't the best, but it was manageable and certainly worth putting up with for the characters and the story.

@taku128 said:

The gameplay is the good part of Metal Gear. People who only play those games for the story are crazy.

The story is the good part of Metal Gear. People who only play those games for the gameplay are crazy.

#49 Edited by RecSpec (4661 posts) -

Yep. Even though it had its share of flaws, I enjoyed playing each game. For some reason I liked playing 4 the least, not sure why.

#50 Posted by JouselDelka (981 posts) -

I've been thinking about buying the HD remake and finally playing the MGS games, but I just have this hunch that the gameplay sucks. For some reason I'm almost certain that they're critically acclaimed for their apparently mindblowing presentation and story, but the gameplay would make me stop playing. Funny thing is, I've never played them or seen their videos.

Am I wrong?

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