Metal Gear Solid 5

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I've been thinking a lot of what they could do for MGS5. I've been wondering if they would bring back a Drebin like shop, or go back to the way of its series past. One thing in particular I've wondering is if its going to be a prequel or sequel to MGS4. I'm not sure what I want it to be, I love Old Snake but I think that the end of MGS4 wrapped up every story bit in the series, plus he only has a couple weeks to live so I don't see it being a sequel. Seeing it as a prequel is much easier. It could be about what happened between MGS2 and MGS4 and he'd be aging during the game so that by the end he is the Old Snake we all know in love from MGS4.

What do you guys want this game to be? A sequel? A prequel? Or even a remake?

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prequel for sure, but the future is a great place so i'd be happy either way.

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