A Surveillence Camera?

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Why are there no topics on the board of one of the greatest games ever? Guess I'll make a start. MGS is great, yes?

#2 Posted by Director (4 posts) -

Only the greatest game of all time, yes

*virtual high-five*  Yeah!

Actually, to tell you the real truth, currently, for me at least, MGS1 and MGS4 are tied for the greatest game of all time.

#3 Posted by Crona (52 posts) -

I've yet to play MGS4, and I'm in the midst of play 3... but yeah, the first, so far, DEFINETLY seems like the best all around. The story in the first is just excellent! And the gameplay for a game of that time? Well, I only just played it weeks ago, but I imagine it must've been revolutionary back then!

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This was the first game I bought when I got my Playstation 2 since I never had a PS1.  I totally agree that MGS is the best action game I have ever played. 

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TheWesman said:

This was the first game I bought when I got my Playstation 2 since I never had a PS1.  I totally agree that MGS is the best action game I have ever played. 


TheWesman... you are correct MGS is probably the best action game to date.  However, have you tried the Splinter Cell series?  It isn't as good as MGS but it is a close second.  I'm near the end of Splinter Cell 1 and I am very impressed.  It is a perfect edition to your game collection if you like the stealth/espionage genre.
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Yeah, I love this game.  It Blew my mind when I first played it.  Is anyone writing an article for it.  It seems like a daunting task for such an amazing game.  I guess you'd have to start out simple and let others improve it.  Maybe I should sit down and write one myself....

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I wrote a 5 paragraph article about a day ago, but it hasn't been approved yet.

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Metal Gear Solid was way ahead of its time. I played it when it came out and was totally blown away.

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man i love this game and i'm waiting for them to bring out on the psn so i can download it on my psp

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It's very impressive and certainly on the list, though if I could only include one game from the franchise, it'd be MGS4. A coherent ending which wraps everything up and smoother gameplay than any Metal Gear game to date win the title.

#11 Posted by eightbit (128 posts) -

Absolutely excellent game.

#12 Posted by AutomaticSnake (404 posts) -

As well as Half Life, its been 10 years since this game came out. For me MGS is better then HL... i just wish the used copy of it i bought worked... arrggg...

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This game changed my life forever...

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Yeah, this is definitely one of the first games that I remember leaving a real impact on me. The day I bought it I went home and was absolutely blown away. I ended up staying up all night playing it. This was probably my favorite game for Playstation.

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