A Metal Gear Solid Video?!?!

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This bug anyone else about the games? I mean there has got to be a better method of exposition than this. It says a lot about the games that they can get away with this.

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Whenever I see it in games I have to giggle to myself because they don't seem to think of another option for introducing a topic... Or rather, a new topic?

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Considering David Hayter writes scripts for movies and stuff I'd imagine he's well aware that this isn't the best kind of dialogue, and being the guy who does the actual voice I'd imagine the people who work there would listen to him. You have to remember that MGS isn't meant to be the most serious franchise ever, even if it's story happens to be one giant "2DEEP4U" thing. In the first game I can imagine it wasn't intended, but at this point I like to think it's kind of a running joke. They even have the "METAL... GEAR?" moment in Peace Walker.

It might also be Japanese writing.

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@Jack268 said:

It might also be Japanese writing.

Yeah, it's more the way japanese conversations go than bad writing (it is a little bad writing as well). You see that in every Anime and japanese movie, even the well written ones. I guess you could blame it in bad localization.

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