Metal Gear Arcade

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Konami has today announced the first playable showing of Metal Gear Arcade -  this weekend's AOU Expo at the Makuhari Messe just outside Tokyo in Chiba.  

Konami say Metal Gear Arcade will offer players a true 3D play experience, all players can wear specialized 3D goggles, In addition to the visual enhancement this will create, the goggles in question also serve as a head tracking device, allowing players to make screen scrolls, set targets and direct player movements.  The game will support MP locally between cabinets, and nationwide across Japan via online with included voice chat.

Konami originally announced the arcade Metal Gear title at last years E3, as being based off PlayStation 3's Metal Gear Online, but with the addition of "plus alpha" content. 

Check out the official Metal Gear Arcade site this Saturday for a video reveal:

 Konami say they'll be selling the "Solid Eye" in Japan to those interested: 

Players can a pair of 3D glasses with a sensor on top that keeps track of where he or she is looking. The functions handled by this tracking are analogous to the functions of the right stick in a console third person shooter. An analog stick on the front of the game's gun-shaped controller handles player movement, similar to the left stick on a gamepad. Meanwhile, a button at the front of the gun allows for crouching and rolling while an awkwardly placed button above the trigger reloads.


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how much are cabinets? i'll import! 
but seriously, they look pretty cool but i will NEVER see one.

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Very cool. I will probably never be able to play this, but I like the tech and idea.

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I hope so very much that I get to play this at some time in my life.

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100% certified stupid.

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@ZanzibarBreeze said:
" 100% certified stupid. "
The technology is great, but it's application is indeed stupid here. The game is "shit" according to my brother who's been reading the reaction in Japan. it makes no sense to make what should be simple controls over elaborate and confusing to players.

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