Who wants MGS collection on PS3

#1 Posted by Spartan117Tron (110 posts) -

Metal Gear is one of my favorite franchises. I beat most of the games 3 to 4 times each. What do you guys think they will do if they make it happen.

#2 Posted by mordukai (7801 posts) -

Sign me the fuck up! Replaying MGS3 with an HD upgrade will be awesome. 

#3 Posted by Marz (5704 posts) -

sure i'd buy a collection of MGS1,2, and 3 HD collection.   As long as the first game is the Twin Snakes Gamecube version. :)

#4 Posted by Spartan117Tron (110 posts) -

That one was my favorite, and if they do the first one I want them to use the Twin Snakes version

#5 Posted by Soapy86 (2672 posts) -

They'll probably just throw in some higher resolution textures for MGS 2 and 3. No idea what they'll do for the first game though. 
 @Marz said:

" As long as the first game is the Twin Snakes Gamecube version. :) "
God no. 
#6 Posted by Redbullet685 (6186 posts) -

I would!

#7 Posted by TooWalrus (13323 posts) -

I'd play it, although I've got the original versions on my shelf and I haven't played them.

#8 Posted by awesomeusername (4524 posts) -

What is this Gear made of Metal of which you speak of? 
Back on topic, I never played any MGS besides MGS4. That would be a nice addition for the PS3. I'd hit it. I mean buy it.

#9 Posted by NTM (8285 posts) -

What? Hell no. I mean, sure, Twin Snakes looks better and has a few new and cool cutscenes the original Playstation didn't, but Twin Snakes is one of the worst MGS games and doesn't stack up to the original on Playstation. So no to whoever says they want a remake of Twin Snakes. I can't believe anyone wouldsay that. Maybe if they had all the original voice work and music. Then I wouldn't mind if it was Twin Snakes.
#10 Posted by xyzygy (10592 posts) -

I agree with replacing the first game with the Twin Snakes version. Man that version was so much better. 
Also, they should put in the extras that were in both Substance and Subsistence. I can't tell you how many hours I spent on VR missions in Substance with the ol' Xbox.

#11 Posted by Spartan117Tron (110 posts) -

What is everyones beef with Twin Snakes? Please give a good argument

#12 Posted by Soapy86 (2672 posts) -
@Spartan117Tron said:
" What is everyones beef with Twin Snakes? Please give a good argument "
Ridiculous cutscenes. And that's saying something considering just how retarded the Metal Gear series can be a lot of the time. 
#13 Posted by NTM (8285 posts) -
Why should we argue? You never gave a good reason why it'd be better to have Twin Snakes. I don't know anyone that would want Twin Snakes other than someone who's played Twin Snakes first, or simply didn't play the original.
#14 Posted by Spartan117Tron (110 posts) -

They are just MGS cutscenes. They where what I envisioned they would be with better graphics when I played the first one as a kid

#15 Posted by AuthenticM (4244 posts) -
@Spartan117Tron: Aweful crazy cinematics, worse actor performance, graphics aren't that great. Just plain bad. I played the original and Twin Snakes back-to-back, and I can confirm without a doubt that TS has worse voices. Snake and Meryl are about the same, but everyone else, The Colonel and Naomi in particular, sound like they didn't give a fuck. In short, Twin Snakes is a bad game. 
That said, I would very much like HD ports of the first three games. What if they included the fourth on a separate disc with trophies? Like some kind of Director's Cut?
#16 Posted by Spartan117Tron (110 posts) -

I do and i played the original way before Twin Snakes. I don't want to argue i was just wanted to know your reasoning.

#17 Posted by Soapy86 (2672 posts) -

And worse still, Twin Snakes didn't include this: 

#18 Posted by Lukeweizer (3056 posts) -

I still have them all. Don't need to buy them again.

#19 Posted by mordukai (7801 posts) -
@Spartan117Tron: The funny is that if they do it then they'll have to have trophies. It would be then that the first three games will have trophies while 4 is still trophy-less. 
#20 Posted by NTM (8285 posts) -

Last comment. In Twin Snakes, they remixed everything so it didn't use the original (and better) music. And they got a different voice cast for some characters like Mei Ling, which just isn't good.
#21 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5703 posts) -
@Soapy86 said:
" And worse still, Twin Snakes didn't include this: 
#22 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5878 posts) -

who doesn't

#23 Posted by Soapy86 (2672 posts) -

I guess another (better) remake of the first game for the PS3 is totally out of the question?

#24 Posted by Spartan117Tron (110 posts) -
@AuthenticM: Thank you for your argument. I didn't really notice the difference in the voice acting. Then again it was a very long gap between me playing both and i am blinded by my love for anything metal gear. Also what is everyones opinion on the VR Mission that was released on the PS1, and should I buy the first MGS and play it on PSP.
#25 Posted by Soapy86 (2672 posts) -

Loved the VR stuff. I was sad it wasn't in MGS4. 

#26 Posted by Spartan117Tron (110 posts) -

I liked playing as the Cyborg Ninja and the Mystery missions they where well put together 

#27 Posted by Special_K (122 posts) -
@Spartan117Tron: I think the rerecorded dialogue was worse than the original (I remember reading that they had to rerecord because the original recordings were of unacceptable quality). All of the accents from the first game inexplicably went away. Also, while the cut scene changes were cool, they were a little too over the top. I think Twin Snakes could have been more interesting if they changed the core game design more. They added all the new MGS2 moves which ended up being completely unnecessary because the layouts weren't created with those moves in mind. 
#28 Posted by xyzygy (10592 posts) -

I can't believe you people are complaining about voice acting in the Metal Gear franchise. Stop singling out Twin Snkes  - all the MGS games have ridiculously over the top and stupid voice acting. Do you remember Otacon crying?! Do you remember Raiden? Or Emma? Or Mei Ling? To name a few. This a franchise that has fat men riding on rollerblades placing explosives, immortal vampires, delusional god-women, old dead men in a wheelchair coming alive to snipe, a monkey-man... should I keep going?
Snake's voice in and of itself is somewhat stupid too. While the execution is there it sounds way too foolish to be taken seriously. Twin Snakes just took what the series was already known for and amplified it.

#29 Posted by Enigma777 (6228 posts) -

I would pay 100 American Dollars or 4,000 Mexican pesos for it.

#30 Posted by TranceQuina (190 posts) -

As much as I love 1-3, I'm not sure how much time I'd put into them again now that there's Peace Walker.  Story isn't too strong, but there's so much to do!

#31 Posted by AuthenticM (4244 posts) -
@Soapy86 said:
" And worse still, Twin Snakes didn't include this: 
dude! Why did they not include this with the others? I was so pissed when I played Sons of Liberty and did not get this small piece of awesomeness.
#32 Posted by captain_clayman (3347 posts) -

ehh i dont really need to buy them again...

#33 Posted by Obsidian (347 posts) -

I don't care much about the first two but I would definitely be interested in an HD version of MGS3.  I have a feeling they would want to charge $60 if they included all three, which IMO is far too much for old games that have long since payed themselves off.

#34 Posted by Fleppie (233 posts) -

It's a bluray! i say they put both the original MGS as well as the Twin Snakes version on it!

#35 Posted by Surkov (1017 posts) -
@Mordukai said:
" Sign me the fuck up! Replaying MGS3 with an HD upgrade will be awesome.  "
ditto. I've been needing an excuse to play through MGS3 again. 
#36 Posted by Goly (891 posts) -
@Vito_Raliffe: omg yessss i love that little jingle.  Please Konami release this shit as soon as possible, I'll buy it, I've bought all these HD remakes, sly trilogy, fucking prince of persia eventhough i only like the sands of time, i plan on buying splinter cell also so cmon my money is already in your pockets just fucking release it already
#37 Posted by onimonkii (2527 posts) -

with each new mgs i find it's harder and harder to go back to the controls of the last. playing 3 after 4, 2 after 3, and 1 after 2, it's always jarring going back and having things missing or different. 
it would be nice if they did some full on hd remakes in the mgs4 engine or something, while updating the controls to match. 
if they changed nothing about any of them, i'm not sure i'd be too interested, since i already have them, and prettier graphics and no doubt messed up trophies aren't really enough to seal the deal.

#38 Posted by iGaboru (247 posts) -

Hell yeah I'd like a full HD trilogy... and trophies for MGS4 while we're at it.

#39 Posted by destruktive (1116 posts) -

If it had the original MSX Metal Gear games, both versions of MGS1 and some of the extras from the different games throughout the years I would be there.

If it was only MGS1-3 then no.
#40 Posted by SuperWristBands (2281 posts) -

I'd like to see a MGS PortableOpsPlus style downloadable game on PSN (or XBLA, either is fine).

#41 Posted by ThePickle (4266 posts) -

HD and control upgrades from MGS4 would be a dream come true. 

#42 Posted by Hizang (9360 posts) -

I'd much rather have a PS3 version of Peace Walker and Portable Ops.

#43 Posted by captain_clayman (3347 posts) -

i want them all remastered in the mgs4 engine.

#44 Posted by Killroycantkill (1555 posts) -

They already had the one on the PS2 so I doubt they'll bring it out again. They missed their boat. Only cool thing would be if they brought back MGO from MGS3.

#45 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7595 posts) -

Already own them all, including Subsistance which had perfect versions of the original two games.

MGS2 is nothing to really get excited about and I felt Twin Snakes ruined the first game.. so it'd have to be a port of the original version, and making that HD wouldn't really achieve much.

So no, I wouldn't be that excited for it, but I'm sure a lot of people would be.

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