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Meteo is an asteroid belt from Star Fox 64. This stage can only be reached by taking the easy route from Corneria and weaves its way through asteroids of various sizes. Most can be shot down by the player but a few are so large that they are invincible to laser fire and must be avoided. There area also enemies that use the rocks as platforms and places to hide behind while attacking. One enemy unique to this stage is a formation of small ships that leave harmful laser trails in their wake. They fly in patterns that create damaging webs in enclosed spaces that make maneuvering a little trickier. Meteo is also one of the few stages with a warp that can be accessed by flying through a series of blue rings. This warp It leads to Katina. If the warp is missed, players will have to go up against the Meteo Crusher boss. Defeating it leads to Fortuna.
The player's guide suggests that Meteo is evidence of a ninth planet that never took shape in the Lylat System. The rocky debris left behind is loaded with minerals but is unexplored because of the hazards of asteroids.

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