Buy or wait for discount?

#1 Posted by AnimalFather (1012 posts) -


#2 Posted by N3onThr33 (416 posts) -

Wait. If you're not dying to buy it, just wait for it to be discounted.

#3 Posted by Skytylz (4072 posts) -

the 360 version looks messed up if that's what you're interested in.  If you want it for pc i'd say get it.

#4 Posted by Binman88 (3708 posts) -

My opinion: buy it.

#5 Posted by Rockanomics (1187 posts) -

It looks cool enough, and sorta up my alley, but it's certainly not grabbing me in any way that I'd need to buy it now. 
Plus from what I've been told it's a massive resource hog and I don't think my computer would really be up to snuff at the moment.

#6 Posted by Synchronatic (137 posts) -

I would say definitely buy. Especially the PC version. If you have to go for the 360 version it doesn't seem bad, just inferior to the PC version.

#7 Posted by ApolloJ85 (255 posts) -

Do you like atmospheric shooters, are OK with a few minor gameplay design flaws, and need a game to play right now? 
If not, then wait for the discount. 
At the moment I see this game as an experience in Russian game design philosophy, and an insight as to where Russian literature themes have been going recently. The game itself is more about the experience and atmosphere than the individual mechanics that make up the gameplay.

#8 Posted by foggel (2778 posts) -

Well, I love the game. So I would say buy it now.

#9 Posted by Organicalistic_ (3092 posts) -

DISCOUNT, always better to save your money, and if you buy it now in 5 months you'll see it for 20 bucks somewhere and get pissed off.

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