Chapter 6- Biomass

#1 Posted by mrhankey (782 posts) -

I am very frustrated right now. Chapter 6 of Biomass involves fighting off Amoebas one after the other...this would be fine if I could get through the first part of Biomass without myself or Miller dying. Does anyone have any suggestions? At this point in time I've loved this game, but I'm ready to call it quits.

#2 Posted by Evil_Alaska (330 posts) -
I read, didnt know it when I played and wished I had, that you should shoot and kill the things that produce the amoebas from afar.  So shoot the things on the wall and the floor that the amoebas come from. 
I hated that part so much and wished I knew this my first time through. Hope that helps you. 
#3 Posted by mrhankey (782 posts) -

It did, thank you very much.

#4 Posted by Bloopa79Aus (134 posts) -

this part of the game is pissing me off , i dont have good weapons for shooting them and not anywhere near enough ammo , i am ready to call it quits also  up till then it was a solid game 

#5 Posted by Savage (468 posts) -

That sequence was the worst part in the entire game.  Stupid, frustrating, and infuriating.

#6 Posted by krummi (63 posts) -

@Bloopa79Aus said:

[snip] i am ready to call it quits also up till then it was a solid game

And this was the part where I stopped playing as well. Great game until this! But now that I know to shoot the spawns I might give this another go unless Fallout: New Vegas completely takes over my free time..

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