Metro DLC Planned

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It has reported that THQ & 4A are working on a DLC for Metro 2033. Sadly it's not going to be multiplayer or single-player narrative content which pretty much leaves me somewhat disappointed and clueless. No, they didn't leave any hints, really.

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Ugh, and I just uninstalled it after the 2nd playthrough, which means, since I have it from Steam, I'd have to redownload the whole thing again. Why couldn't they announce it just a bit earlier!  Great game, I just wish it had a level editor to get some sweet campaigns from fans. There are lots of gameplay possibilities, from stealth to pure action to horror, and the game had a bit of everything, but yeah, just a bit, since it's of average length. I hope the DLC is worthwhile and they make this a Half-Life caliber franchise (well, in my tastes, not in sales, obviously) because it certainly deserves that, imo.

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the dlc is going to be awesome with the new difficultes i have had some intense moments in it from pavel dying to the library its a memorable game lets hope the keep it alive with tonnes of dlc
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The DLC is actually coming out this Tuesday, and will be a free update on the PC, while costing $3 on Xbox Live.

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