The stealth seems strange...

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Or maybe I just don't understand it? basically I'm on the level Frontline with a silenced pistol with a scope and I can't pass the first part of the mission where you drop of the cart. What I'm basically trying to do is first shoot out the lantern, the guards go to their posts, shoot out the remaining guards and go to the right of the cart so I can go forward. The thing is, whenever I go to the left and hide behind the cart they open fire straight away, even though my watch is in the green and my flashlight is off.

It's also extremely frustrating when one person sees you, everyone know where you are.

Am I just bad or is the stealth just really wonky?

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Not to mention the game keeps crashing for no reason at this part...

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Stealth is just kind of wonky. Insta-global alert and ridiculous cone vision that seems to be independent of lighting. You just have to game the system more than anything.

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I'd be careful with shooting guards, pretty sure if they end up seeing the body you get caught too. Found that mission was best done by killing no one, and sneaking along some of the (what I think where) hidden passageways.

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Stealth is borderline broken in the first Metro so don't bother.

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