alecrein's Metro 2033 (Xbox 360) review

Metro 2033: The Most Misunderstood FPS of the year.

I had purchased the 360 version of Metro 2033 on release date. I went home popped it in and began playing. I instantly fell in love, why? Well let me explain my experience with this game and my prior perception.  
Let's start with my perception, I loved the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of games for the PC, but I wasn't looking forward to this game. All the trailers I had viewed for the game were bland, they made the game look like a grey, less RPG'y Fallout clone. Until I saw the "Fight for Survival" trailer, also dubbed Launch Trailer on Xbox Live. The trailer blew me away, because I saw something in it that I loved, in game cinematic feel. Something that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series had used...but not nearly as efficiently as Half-Life 2 or the Condemned Series. I was perplexed at this game actually having this, mainly because all I had read it was a Post -Apocalyptic FPS that was based on a book. So now that I was interested I decided to buy it, give it a whirl. 
So now for my impressions, I will start of simply...this game is the best FPS I have played in the last 3 years. Only rivaled by the Half-life 2 Episodes. Why was it that great a simple word the Developers cared about the single-player more than the Multi-player. The atmosphere is amazing, the gun designs are realistic, one big issue most critics have had with the game is the power of the weapons. Yes, the power of the weapons is lacking, but why? Well, the trailer I mentioned above was named "Fight for Survival" and the tagline for the game was "Fear the Future". Now how would those two phrases be portrayed in this game if you could just blast everything away in one shot?  
That brings me to another point, this game does not go for the parlor trick "IT JUMPED OUT AT YOU!" scares like Doom 3 was nefarious for, this game actually breathes life into this world, on top of that it makes you want Artyom to succeed in his mission to save humankind. 
Now you might ask, what makes the atmosphere so amazing, here is a short list: 
-You are required to wear a gas mask in radiation areas, this gas mask requires attention, just like real life you must change filters in the gas mask. As well, just like in real life the gas mask is prone to getting cracks if under extreme pressure (getting hit a lot).  

- Your flashlight has a battery which fades over time with use, you must hand-crank a mini recharger, if you will, to bring it back up to full brightness.  

-The "Stations" where most people reside in the Metro is extremely busy, almost to the point where if you don't like being around people in real life you will find your self trying to get out.  
There are many more reasons, but I don't want to make this review into a simple list. 
The game is amazing, it won't be everyone's cup of tea, but for the thinking imaginative gamer, this game is purely and simply brilliant. I recommend it to everyone and if you find the flaws in it, it is as simple as you not being able to find the gems.

Posted by pwnasaurus

i felt the same way! i played in on the PC and may i ask did you get the "true ending"?
Posted by Alecrein
@pwnasaurus: I haven't gotten the "true ending" yet, trying to go through it again to get it :)
Posted by pwnasaurus
@Alecrein said:
" @pwnasaurus: I haven't gotten the "true ending" yet, trying to go through it again to get it :) "

all i can say is be nice :)
Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

Can this game make you dizzy when you play it, like half-life?

Posted by Alecrein

It is a possibility, I would suggest trying condemned and if it makes you dizzy then it is a definite yes for this game. Also, great Death Note inspired handle.

Edited by twenty0ne

Having a good atmosphere doesn't change the fact that the enemy AI, enemy animations, and shooting mechanics are terrible. Plus, the story was confusing and the ending was just as bad.  
Realism and atmosphere were great, yes, but the other glaring problems keep this game from earning more than a 3/5.

Posted by Alecrein

Gaming is nothing more than an experience, since it is an experience it is completely relative. Due to that fact I found the atmosphere to be more than needed to overshadow what you believe to be "Poor AI' and shooting mechanics. I died once on my first playthrough, if the game truly had bad shooting mechanics I would have found myself unable to adapt and in turn would have died quite a bit more. Your opinion is yours, so in your opinion and through your likes and dislikes I can see why you would think it is not worth more than a 3/5. In my opinion and experience it was a better game.  
In final closing comments all I can say is when a game differs this much in opinion one side is wrong, realistically a horribly developed game would have the mass of people saying it is horrible, this being a split game though I would have to agree with a 3/5 or higher. Any lower is too much influenced by bias or opinion not facts.

Posted by twenty0ne

What I believe to be poor enemy AI? Dude, the AI was atrocious.

Posted by Alecrein

You are entitled to your opinion :)

Posted by day2daze
@twenty0ne said:
" Having a good atmosphere doesn't change the fact that the enemy AI, enemy animations, and shooting mechanics are terrible. "
Funny, it seemed to work for Fallout 3...

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