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Metro 2033 review

Let me start this by saying I loved Metro, it was an entertaining and scary ride that had me spending every waking moment glued to my Computer chair.  
In metro you play as artym a mild manered meek and quiet russian who lives in his station who is under attack from a new threat to the metro, the dark ones, A man named Hunter asks you to deliver his message to Polis station if he dosent return soon, being a video game he dosen't return and the task is put to you, the ensuing journey follows artym through the metro to Polis station and beyond.  

I feel that metro in all its reviews never gets a good chance. The game is my favorite in awhile, it manages to get the message across of doom and gloom with fantastic atmoshpere and an interesting story. The thing that i was most facinated about with metro is the fact that i never saw the same thing twice, for a game that takes place mostly in linear hallways i was never board i was always afraid of the next horrifying scream of something or some one. the above ground segments are very neat too. The above ground segments provided a nice change of pace and you got to see the haunting beauty of post apocalyptic  moscow, 
the gas mask mechanic is one of my favorite features in metro, the tension of wearing a thing piece of glass  that keeps you alive that can splinter with more damage you take and as you see the large cracks across your HUD it really adds to the tension, a time limit is on how much air you have, you can find filters for your mask on the surface or buy new ones in the metro. i never died from running out of air in metro and it dosent hinder you very much just a nice touch i would say. 
that brings me to the economy of metro, bullets, yes bullets the currency is bullets made before the war the reason why is clean bullets can be filtered down to make "dirty rounds" less powerful but more in quantity and made in the metro. alot of reviews have complained about the fact that it is much too easy to accidently load your clean rounds into your gun and blow all your cash in a matter of a few bursts. Nothing is farther from the truth, it takes at least 2 to 3 seconds of holding down reload to actually load the ammo in and when artym does load it in you can see it, it looks vastly diffrent from dirty rounds I mean it pratically shines gold. 
The downsides to metro are definatly there, The AI of humans leaves something to be desired, they arent the brightest of the bunch but, they do okay its not unbearable it just leaves a little to be desired. the shooting isnt fantastic, but it isnt awful, the stealth missions i could see how they can be a pain but they never gave me any trouble, i mean if you dont want to stealth you dont have to you will never fail in this game due to the fact of not stealthing just fire up that AK and you will be good to go. I also loved the sense of immursion nearly no HUD and the ammo that you scavenge off of people is actually on them! no opening up an inventory box, no your taking the ammo right off this dudes chest or hip, a thing i havent seen in a game before and i liked it alot.
Let me end this review by saying, get in on the PC if you can, it was made for PC and ported to the 360, The overall package of metro is appealing, it can be diffucult but thats good, games have begun to be too easy, and now that a hard game comes along and challanges your abilities it gets punished for it in reviews, (demon souls and Metro). It carries a deeper meaning than you would think, will you repeat the vicious cycle of war and death? or will you see through what others cannot?    




Posted by mrcool11

Learn how to spell/don't write reviews at 2 AM
The word "computer" doesn't need capitalization, even if you're an enormous PC fanboy
An eight hour game that is worth $50 dollars is not an appealing package

 Keep a sharp eye
Posted by PicKtoNs_WoodChippR

I will start this comment by saying that your grammar sucks, and you spell like an autistic 5 year old. 
I will end this comment by saying that pc gaming is trash, and trying to sell the game on pc rather than console simply because you prefer one system to the other makes you a big lipped coon.

Posted by Synchronatic

Interesting review, but the guys commenting before me have a point. Your grammar is balls. You really should edit this stuff. It's kinda hard to take you seriously.
However, @PicKtoNs_WoodChippR:  He is not simply saying that he prefers the PC version of the game, it is in fact the superior version. I'm sorry that you are unable to see this in your ignorance.

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