Multiplayer removed, 100% single player focus

#1 Posted by valrog (3648 posts) -

This is probably best news I've heard all week. Developers decided to remove multiplayer from Metro: Last Light and channel all the resources into the single player experience (As it should be). What are your thoughts on this? Honestly, Metro: Last Light is one of the few games I'm actually looking forward to, and this is excellent news to me.


#2 Posted by weirdo (150 posts) -

I didn't really mind the MP but this does mean more funding for the campaign!

#3 Posted by Genkkaku (738 posts) -

This is the first and last I'm hearing about the MP and I'm okay with that..

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#7 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1203 posts) -

and there was much rejoicing.

#8 Posted by Animasta (14719 posts) -

I admit I kinda wanted to see it, but this really is great news.

#9 Posted by AndrewB (7689 posts) -

I'll put in my obligatory "remove multiplayer from 'X' game" comment by mentioning Dragon Age 3 and feel free to insert your own snide joke about EA here as well.

#10 Edited by pweidman (2362 posts) -

Good news/great decision. Putting all their resources into the sp campaign, in this specific game's case, is as it should be.

Loved the first game so I'm really looking forward to this.

#11 Posted by me3639 (1849 posts) -

Awesome.  Spec Ops was fine without mp, but they wasted their time and added after launch. It was horrible. NOT every game needs a mp component.

#12 Posted by BeachThunder (12410 posts) -

This is why we can have nice things. I'll have to get on to finishing 2033, before LL comes out.

#13 Posted by SaFt (390 posts) -

I'm totally fine with this. I don't really need another first person multiplayer shooter.

#14 Posted by SirOptimusPrime (2030 posts) -

*victorious battle cries and trumpets*

The day is won.

Now, excuse me while I play 2033 for the fifth time.

#15 Posted by redefaulted (2829 posts) -

Meh. I don't live under this herd mentality that multi-player is the reason single-player suffers, but a generic clone in a saturated market getting cancelled is fine.

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