video issues!? (possibly a spoiler in here?)

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So I was playing this just fine for a couple of hours, but once I got to Venice things started to fall apart. It seems about once every ten or so minutes the screen locks up the sound freaks out and I get a red screen after the lock up. I have to hard reset my computer to make it stop. I don't think my video card is overheating because the display doesn't shut off. It's now happened to me on every possible video setting. I have an ATI 7870 in there and yes, my drivers are up to date. Does anyone know if it's just poorly optimized for ATI cards, or is my system really that bad, or is it something completely different?

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the game does not run well with AMD hardware at the moment. Wait for a driver update.

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@jamesg: feels liks I should just get an Nvidia card when I want to upgrade.

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@earlessshrimp: Accurate. ATI have gotten way better over the years from the absolute travesty the Catalyst drivers used to be, but it seems most games run smoother on average when using Nvidia hardware.

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