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Vast improvements to the gameplay make Metro: Last Light a better shooter without losing its unique style. 2

In 2010 we were introduced to Metro 2033, 4A Games' first attempt at bringing Dmitry Glukhovskys' novel to the video game realm. The result was a product that was drenched in atmosphere, but more than a little lacking in the gameplay department. Thankfully, 4A Games got another crack at this endearing world and with it they've made much needed improvements, resulting in one of the most engrossing experiences in recent memory.If you haven't played the first game it wouldn't be a bad idea to check...

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Metro: Last Light: A game where the biggest issue is that it is so good, that by the end you want even more 0

The Metro series has been one of the strongest post-apocalyptic games to come out of the last decade, up there with the greats such as Fallout and STALKER (Which it will inevitably be compared to, even though STALKER isn't even really a post-apocalypse game despite echoing the many themes of the subgenre). The original was a great atmospheric shooter but a bit lacking in some elements. Still, its heart was in the right place, so its mistakes were easily made up for.Last Light not only fixes thos...

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Last Light makes a few much-needed improvments over its predecessor while maintaining what it already does best. 0

Despite its numerous flaws and shortcomings, Metro 2033 is a game that resonated deeply with me. Its rich atmosphere and convincing, lived-in environment pulled me into the experience like nothing else has. The tunnels teeming with giant mutated rats, the cobbled together equipment, and the air of a community stricken by hopelessness lent it a real identity few games manage to fully grasp. Metro: Last Light manages to recapture every ounce of personality that its predecessor had, and then some. ...

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An Apocalypse Worth Avoiding 0

The world of the post-apocalypse is one that video games have tried to sell for as long as anyone can remember. Many games have their own twists and ideas about how it will happen, and Metro: Last Light tries to make things more interesting with a new setting, lore, and monsters. However, this is the only part of the game that feels like a true effort, as the rest of the game tries its best to ruin whatever fun you could be having or eliminate the tension surrounding these events. Through its b...

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A beautifully rendered world that unfortunately breaks the immersion in several ways 0

The world of Metro: Last Light is a horrifying one. It takes place after a nuclear apocalypse has rendered the surface uninhabitable, due to radiation and mutant creatures who have made it their home. All the remaining humans, at least the ones in Russia where the game takes place, live in the underground Metro system, using the tunnels to cross between various outposts scattered throughout the old rail lines. Several factions have risen within the Metro in the years since the bombs; you play a...

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One of best games of 2013, no question 0

While I can certainly appreciate the more bombastic spectacles in terms of first-person shooter campaigns (after all, a fun roller coaster is a fun roller coaster), I much more prefer the more story-driven games that have come out. Last year's Dishonored was a surprise and this year's Bioshock Infinite became an early favorite but Metro Last Light was at first a question mark. I sorta liked Metro 2033, with some stellar atmosphere and intriguing premise and world setup yet the gameplay part I al...

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Last Light brings across its aesthetics from the original and improves upon them visually and thematically. 0

Metro 2033 was a beautiful looking first-person shooter that imply oozed atmosphere. The mysterious setting of post-apocalyptic Russia won me over, sticking most of the action in gloomy underground tunnels, where seeing the surface in the game was a luxury full of the weird and wonderful. Players didn’t know what to expect from the game, immersing us with its world and unanswered questions of monsters and “the dark ones.” Metro 2033 was based on a Russian novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky, titled with ...

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An atmospheric adventure friendly to different playstyles 0

Metro 2033 was a pretty fantastic game. Set in a post-nuclear Russia, a setting rarely featured in Western games, the remnants of humanity struggled to survive a harsh new world by settling in the underground metro tunnels. Proof that human behavior doesn’t change in the face of disaster, the remaining humans have broken into several different factions including a Nazi faction that hunts down those who show signs of radiation mutations. Ultimately, the game was about the presence of the Dark One...

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