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Metro: Last Light: A game where the biggest issue is that it is so good, that by the end you want even more

The Metro series has been one of the strongest post-apocalyptic games to come out of the last decade, up there with the greats such as Fallout and STALKER (Which it will inevitably be compared to, even though STALKER isn't even really a post-apocalypse game despite echoing the many themes of the subgenre). The original was a great atmospheric shooter but a bit lacking in some elements. Still, its heart was in the right place, so its mistakes were easily made up for.

Last Light not only fixes those issues, but it provides an interesting storyline with twists and turns that shall go unmentioned in this article for they are simply to great to spoil.

As far as mechanics, the game is solid. Stealth can be a real challenge at times, especially near the endgame, but not necessarily in a cheap way. Shooting is a bit more satisfying than in the first, as guns have a bit more power. Many of the mutants in the original game make a return along with quite a few new ones. Shrimp, as they are nicknamed, and be quite a challenge due to their armor, and every bullet they tend to absorb is one less bullet to be used defending yourself later or buying items. Mechanically, the game is similar to the first but improves on its aspects.

Visually, the game is stunning. Probably the best looking game of 2013, even beating out the much beloved Crysis and Killzone franchises both for how high the quality is, how beautiful it is, and how well everything fits into the atmosphere. The atmosphere of the game in general is its greatest aspect, as it was in Metro 2033. I was more scared personally throughout this game then in most dedicated horror games. Being trapped on the surface, low on ammo, as the sun sets, is simply a terrible feeling. I was afraid to venture into every dark crevice in search of equipment knowing mutants or worse would be lurking around the corner. It didn't feel as bleak and hopeless as the first, and both the good and bad endings leave you with a bit of hope that as Spring returns, humanity will survive and flourish again at some point, despite all the hatred and conflict in the Metro.

There is little else to say about it. I wasn't a huge fan of one of the supporting characters (SPOILERS) Artyom's love interest. She was annoying at first, although only present for one mission, but I didn't feel like Artyom really had any connection to her and she was just in there for a pointless (and honestly immature) shot of her tit. Of course, there is also the huge DLC scandal, and the game is rather short (6-8 hours singeplayer if you do one linear playthrough) and leaves you wanting more. This seems intentional as a way of selling the ludicrous amount of DLC "mission packs". And of course, the restriction of Ranger Mode to DLC put many fans in a rage and should be mentioned. Personally, I cannot review the DLC as I never bought it.

Metro: Last Light is a solid game with good mechanics, and interesting story, great visuals, and one of the best atmospheres in any game to date. I would most certainly recommend it, although the huge amount of DLC and the short, although sweet, singleplayer is a bit off putting.


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