$6.99 New at Gamestop

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Damn near any game is worth it at $7.

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Damn near any game is worth it at $7.

Alpha Protocol man.

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Absolutely not. It's one of the worst games this generation.

Really, really awful.

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Not really.

Imagine this game was free. Even then, it would still cost you like 10-20 hours, depending on how much you backtrack for upgrades, and how often you get stuck. The game isn't buggy or anything, but I don't think it's interesting enough to even be worth your 10-20 hours. The gameplay is fine, but rather simple. The boss encounters are unmemorable. The English-language writing and acting are not very good at all. There are better games you could get for $7.

However, if you're the kind of person who would buy Duke Nukem Forever, just to see what everyone was talking about, then I guess you could buy Metroid: Other M. If you're curious to see if the story is really as lame as everyone says, then go for it, I guess.

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It's $7 good, hell it's even $20 good. However, it was not $50 good.

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i can't believe people complain

first is why isnt any nintendo game cost less then 50 then when there is one you say its not worth it but then dont ever ask why is call of duty mw 2 and black ops still sell for 60 bucks even with mw 3 out , no one complains ,

any game that is 7 bucks is worth it

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saw this at best buy for around the same price, my guess is nintendo is clearing the market of metroid, kinda like they did with the prime trilogy sku

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Where's Hailinel at when you need him?

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I would say it's worth it. If you have time, since it's dirt cheap. It's not a great game.

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It's not a good game. And when I say, "Not a good game," I mean that it is literally offensive to me as a Metroid fan.

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It's not worth it...yep not even for $7.

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Yeah , its worth it ... just don't expect too much from it ...

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@Claude said:

Where's Hailinel at when you need him?

I don't have a sixth sense, Claude. I just found this thread. :P

But yes, it's well worth seven bucks. I would pay seven times that mount, actually, plus change and tax.

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Meanwhile, the Metroid Prime Trilogy collection for Wii is quickly approaching $200- is that worth it? Probably.

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Not worth it, because it will still cost you time to play it. That is something you will never, ever get back.

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@IBurningStar said:

Not worth it, because it will still cost you time to play it. That is something you will never, ever get back.

Not spending time playing a good game sounds like a waste to me.

(I will fight every single one of you. I've done it before. I can do it again!)
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Bought it for 10 dollars at Future Shop back in September, still haven't played it.

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I bought it when it came out, and I thought it was pretty good. I think it's worth $7, if not more.

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I think the game is worth it. Even at $20 it's worth it.

I'd like to also point out that I'm disappointed in this community. You guys point out that buying used games is bad. That not paying the publishers and developers what they deserve is bad. Yet, when it comes to a game that is not flawed at all, that just apparently has a bad story, then it's just not even worth $7. What is wrong with you people?

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Personally I wouldn't pay someone $7 to jam a screwdriver up my cock and tear my urethra out through my dick hole but that's just, like, my opinion man.

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I personally really enjoyed the game. It took a little while to get used to the controls, but after that it was a lot of fun. It is only $7 man, what is the worst that can happen - I bought Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for $5 and hated every last second of the 2 hours I endured, so I lost $5, but no regrets. You won't know if you like it or not unless you play it. Don't listen to the naysayers.

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What the hell...
You people are fucking insane, Other M is a great game and totally worth the price.
You can discuss the story isn't all that or the way they went with Samus, sure, go right ahead!
But the gameplay is solid, fluid and a good lot of fun.

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I fucking loved the game. So yes. Get it now. They turned Samus into a completely self-loathing, sadistic and truly psychologically twisted protagonist, which I found was a major surprise and was a great alternative to the "Oh she's a great person, look at her helping those people, what a hero" route.

I am so goddam sick of the "buddy-buddy" personalities game heroes have (Nathan Drake is the biggest culprit), that Samus' completely religious and unhealthy dedication to a certain character in the game is kind of seriously awesome.

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I'd say so. I never bought it myself, but I rented it back when it first came out and enjoyed it.

Edit: I just noticed this thread is over a month old...

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Anybody else think it's disgusting that it only costs one dollar to get a new copy instead of a used one?


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