Metroid Other M Preview

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Open them in new window for full size. I don't think there's (m)any stuff that wasn't in the videos. Some interesting details from Sakamoto though.

- "It's certainly possible that in the future we'll go back to another 2-D Metroid using some of the ideas that have been generated on this Other M project. So please don't get the idea that this is the end of 2-D Metroid games."

- "There were certainly some members on staff who weren't entirely comfortable with committing us to a single control scheme, so they would ask questions like, "Couldn't we just make it possible to connect the Nunchuk and have an alternate control scheme in the game?" But I felt like that was essentially the wrong way to think about it. Like if you have to tack on other options like that, then you really are admitting defeat as a game designer. ...I felt like I really needed to prove something about why this was correct for the Samus universe in the first place."

- "We (Nintendo) would set forth a lot of design limitations where we'd say, "This is what a Metroid level looks like," and set those forward as prescribed ways of doing things for a Metroid game, but these guys (Team Ninja) had all of their own ideas from working on so many 3-D games recently that there was the opportunity for a lot of fermentation between the conflict of our two ideas. During the development process, I was going to Tecmo every single week to play the latest build, and I was shocked by how much the level-design concepts were changing and evolving."

- "I've come to think of her (Samus) almost as a daughter. I helped her grow up and I want to take her to as many high places as possible. I want to make sure that when she's in a game, she always has the chance to look cool and look really beautiful, and also that she has the opportunity to experience new challenges. So her development as a character is really the most important thing to me, and as I mentioned, this is a "serious touch" game. It might sound strange that I have such strong feelings for the heroine of a game, but I hope those feelings aren't out of place."

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 Like if you have to tack on other options like that, then you really are admitting defeat as a game designer.

 Exactly what I think whenever I hear "this game supports the classic controller". Good thing they didn't do that.
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Sweeeeeeet!!!   I'll download and read this later.  I don't feel like paying for Nintendo Power anymore cause that magazine ain't so good anymore (not sure if you heard).

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If it's not so good anymore then how is this feature "sweeeeeeet"?

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