Favorite Region

#1 Posted by alecscradle (70 posts) -

This is already on the Prime 1 board just curious what people's favorite region is.

I'll pick the obvious one and say Sanctuary Fortress
#2 Posted by Rex (85 posts) -

I don't think there can be any denial of the pure genius behind the design of the Sanctuary Fortress. It definitely had some of the greatest level design I've ever witnessed in a game.

I really liked the Torvus Bog as well. The great soundtrack accompanied a really diverse, tropical landscape.

#3 Posted by Black_Rose (7772 posts) -

Temple grounds, not only was it beautiful but it also had a catchy tune. Torvus bog is a close second

#4 Posted by shrekisstupid (59 posts) -

Oh man, definitely Sanctuary Fortress. I also love the Dark World. I know it gets a lot of heat, but for some reason I'm drawn towards the toxic nature of it.

#5 Posted by Dakota (254 posts) -

Just like the first prime, all the worlds featured spectacular music and great level design. However, like most I preferred the Sanctuary Fortress.

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