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Some of the best boss fights in Nintendo history 0

When Metroid Prime was released in 2002, critics and fans said "a game like this only comes around every once in a while". Based on the enormous gap between Super Metroid and Metroid Prime, they had a point. However, Retro Studios has proven that lightning can strike twice, and it can strike quickly. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes improves upon everything at which its predecessor excelled. Namely: atmosphere, music, puzzles, and combat.A hallmark of the Metroid series is the eerie atmosphere in which t...

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Morph Ball Craziness 0

Hot off the success of Samus Aran’s first foray into the 3D realm, Retro Studios went back to work on the inevitable sequel. Samus takes off from Talon IV only to retrieve a distress signal from space marines stationed on planet Aether. The Luminoth are in a life and death struggle with the Ing and it’s up to Samus to save them. Yin & Yang Echoing the goals of Mario Sunshine and Billy Hatcher, the goal of the game is to return light to the realms of Luminoth that has been stolen b...

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If It Ain't Broke, Just Add Multiplayer 3

When word first came out that Nintendo had assigned a no-name studio somewhere in Texas the task of taking Metroid into 3D, and that it would be first-person, many fans cringed at the idea. Two years ago, Retro Studios delivered what no one thought they could.  Metroid Prime is arguably the best game on the GameCube.  It's not my personal choice, but its greatness cannot be denied.  The sequel is more of what everyone loved in the first one.  It is the epitome of "if it ain't broke, don't f...

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The Greatest Video Game Ever Made, As Far As I'm Concerned 0

My all-time favorite video game, Echoes takes everything great about Metroid Prime and amps it up! As opposed to the isolated, sometimes almost bleak feel to the previous game, Echoes's atmosphere is more open and simultaneously darker. The actual gameplay hasn't changed too much, but the addition of various characters, backgrounds, and a parallel universe adds so much more to it. The puzzles have a very unique feel, as well, with the aspect of having to travel back and forth between the "Dark"...

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Prime Gets Better 0

The Metroid series is one of the most unsurpassed video game series of all time. Every installment in the series has been great, most notably the 3D adventure Metroid Prime for Gamecube. You would think that to take one of the best 2D side-scrollers of all-time and convert it into 3D would be quite a feat. Well, the studio down in Texas accomplished it. Retro Studios made a first-person shooter that mixed with the mechanics of an adventure game; it had puzzles and a fine dialogue while still bei...

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More of the same is fine when the first was so awesome 0

(written in February 2005)I'd been anticipating Echoes for a long while by the time it was released, and it was everything I expected from Retro's follow-up to Prime. The game essentially starts like every other Metroid game: something has run afoul for the Galactic Federation, and they've contracted Samus to investigate the incident. This time, some of the Federation's soldiers have been lost on the rogue planet Aether. Samus discovers that this world is entwined in war between the Light and Da...

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Key improvements make this much more enjoyable then the first 0

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes was released in 2004 and is the sequel to the 2002 game Metroid Prime. The game follows directly into its predecessors footsteps, telling another tale in the Metroid Prime triology.The game takes place on the planet Aether, just like in the first game, a Phazon poisoned asteroid has crashed on the planet, devastating it and this time splitting the planet into two phases, a dark world and the regular light world. Samus Aran arrives at the planet after a emmergency ...

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Metroid Prime 2! Monkeys! Seriously, a great game with some flaws 0

Metroid Prime 2 is a pretty good game. The graphics look great for a last generation title. The music generally fits the game well and there is a few standout pieces. The gameplay is as good as ever. So where does it fall? Well, let's just say that it took me 20 hours to finish this game and they were, easily, the longest 20 hours ever. You're thrown into a world with barely a soul alive, there is no story or cutscenes, you have only four environment types to explore which equals to a LOT of re...

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Metroid Prime 2 should not be missed 0

Metroid prime one was a masterpiece game i never like these sci fi person shooter games before but these two games are succesfull for some players this game may seem hard to beat but with a walktrough its so much better and when you get in the action with all the bosse`s in the game this game is great. Altough i wish that this game would have more help in like finding items even know some items are easy to find but when you watch a walktrough that the player has 200 missiles and you have 160 you...

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Not better than the first Metroid Prime, still a good game. 0

This is the direct sequel to one of the best games ever, and that's quite a responsibility, and the main question is: Does this game live up to be considered better or at least as good as its predecessor? Unfortunately the answer is no. It's not like this game is bad, it's far from being that, but comparing with what Metroid Prime is and what this game delivers, the quality really fell a little. Starting with graphics, which are almost the same, technically speaking, but it no longer brings us...

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