junior_ain's Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GameCube) review

Not better than the first Metroid Prime, still a good game.

This is the direct sequel to one of the best games ever, and that's quite a responsibility, and the main question is: Does this game live up to be considered better or at least as good as its predecessor? Unfortunately the answer is no.

It's not like this game is bad, it's far from being that, but comparing with what Metroid Prime is and what this game delivers, the quality really fell a little.

Starting with graphics, which are almost the same, technically speaking, but it no longer brings us the perfect atmosphere the prequel had, the effects are pretty nice and the lands are very well constructed, this game tends to be more hi-tech then the first Prime, but lacks that "plus" Metroid Prime had.

The plot stays good, a little cliche but good, saving the light world from the dark and all; now with a new villain, the dark side of Samus, great introduction of a great villain, it really fits the game as it is and end up being one of the good things about the game.

Now talking about the aspects which the game is not very good, first the big let down, the sound, the early parts of the game there are barely any music, just a sound almost inaudible and boring, more in the middle the game takes back Metroid Prime style, but doesn't hold up until the end, unfortunately. Some enemies are very annoying and not fun at all. And the atmosphere, which was thousands of times better in the first Prime.

But the game delivers some great stuff, like the bosses that are still colossal and very fun to play against. The addiction of two worlds in almost every room or land, every place having a Light and a Dark side, the principal aspects of the rooms are the same, but enemies, threats and dangerous situations are most likely to be found in the dark side.

And there's the brand new multiplayer mode, exclusively new in the series, it's good if you want to have some fun and see how Metroid Prime would be playing against others players, it's up to 4 players in a deathmatch style or Bounty, where you hit your enemy and collect his coins! Not the best multiplayer ever, but still fun!

Overall a good game, but you wouldn't expect just a good game from a Metroid Prime, but if you go into this game not expecting a game to surpass the first Prime, chances are you're going to have a really good time playing it!


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