grahfzilla's Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GameCube) review

Metroid Prime 2! Monkeys! Seriously, a great game with some flaws

Metroid Prime 2 is a pretty good game. The graphics look great for a last generation title. The music generally fits the game well and there is a few standout pieces. The gameplay is as good as ever.

So where does it fall? Well, let's just say that it took me 20 hours to finish this game and they were, easily, the longest 20 hours ever. You're thrown into a world with barely a soul alive, there is no story or cutscenes, you have only four environment types to explore which equals to a LOT of repetition. I know repetition and backtracking is Metroid's forte, but this is just ridiculous. After 20 hours of seeing the same things over and over again anyone would get tired of it.

Some areas are really tedious, and some are just plain mean. As in, you're trotting along like a good trooper, you haven't saved in at least 30 minutes, and then out of the blue you fall into some machine from hell that shoots lightning at your from ground level and has freaking mechanical arms coming in and out trying to get you. The first time you fall into that you're pretty much sure to die because you have no clue of what's happening. In MP2, the saves are usually pretty far from one another and you need to make a detour to save, so when sucky stuff like that happens it's just a bummer.

So yeah, repetitive, sometimes mean, and often a friggin pain in the derriere. But hey, the game is still truly great and a whole lot of fun to play, but it could have been better.


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