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Probably the most annoying aspect of all Metroid games I've played so far (Super Metroid, Metroid Prime 1, Metroid Prime: Hunters) was the constant backtracking. Especially in Hunters having to run like hell after beating a boss in the end made me quit on that game. Does Corruption still have that?

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Well, I didn't feel I ever had to backtrack. There are a few instances toward the end where you have to go back to someplace you've been before, but it's nothing major. I didn't ever really feel like I was going backwards in it, compared to other Metroid games I've played. It's also the only Metroid I've finished (with a 100%, even), so that's got to mean something.

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Thank you :-) I guess then I can add finally a Metroid game again to my wishlist ;-)

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I don't mind backtracking, but I do mind reappearing enemies. Does Corruption have reappearing enemies?

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Yeah, I hated the backtracking in earlier metroids too, but it's not as bad in corruption.

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There is still backtracking, but this game was awesome. Better than 2, IMO.

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