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When I picked up this game I was like YA, SWEET, and it was everything I wanted from the beginning. The game starts off 6 months after Prime 2's events with Samus the Bounty Hunter sleeping in her gunship. She is called onboard the GFS Olympus to recieve a message and things start getting to business quickly. Space Pirates attack the fleet and launch an attack on nearby Norion. Samus then fights off the flagship and down to the planet, where the plot really starts to thicken.
Lets start with the controls. After the chunky controls of Metroid Prime 1 and 2 the point to aim accuracy just can't be beat. Sometimes I found the controls a little hard to get to, such as the visor button and the map button, but still worked. One of the things I liked was the stacked weaponry. Instead of having the nova beam, plasma beam, and regular beam at the same time, each one replaced the other. Same with missiles, instead of ice and reg. missiles, you have just ice missiles, which cause more damage and can freeze people.
For something the series hasn't done in a game as far as I know, They sure covered flying from planet to planet very well. Even if you couldn't skip it, it was very well done. Another new thing was the objectives. You accomplished objectives and if you died you would respawn at the last objective you finished, still very helpful, but not if it was late. The respawn points go away after you turn off your Wii.
The environments were very detailed and fun to explore. It really had that metroid feeling where you had to keep coming back once your weapons upgraded. Something Metroid Prime Hunters lacked. I also liked the monsters. They were very well created and had some cool ways to destroy them. The bosses, in my opinion, are some of the most original and best experiences I have ever seen. Some are hard until you realize the weak point and then its quite easy. I found most of the bosses quite linear but still a fun puzzle/challenge.
Another odd thing to the game are collectibles. If you scan an enemy/creature you will get a red token, yellow for beating bosses, blue for something, and green for something. And in the extras menu you can trade these in for things as image galleries and soundtracks. And also for the first time.....drum roll....... ONLINE!!! well.......sort of. You can trade accomplishments with other Wii friends that have MP3. Not much, but still something.
Overall this is, in my opinion, the best of the series and anyone who has a wii or is a fan of the series should get this game.


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