This game is a chore to play.

#1 Posted by TripMasterMunky (2523 posts) -

I've tried to finish it multiple times, but I just keep losing interest. It's just such a repetitive game and kinda boring. Definitely the worst Metroid game in my opinion. Yes, I actually have a lot more fun with Metroid Pinball. I find that game fun. This game....seems like it could've had potential if everything wasn't so repetitive. I think I'm around 3/4 of the game now. Debating on just giving up, but I've come so

#2 Posted by AgentJ (8994 posts) -

I wouldn't say its decidedly worse than The Return of Samus, which was good in its own right, but as far as the DS library goes its not a shining example. It certainly could be better, but it was the first FPS on the console, and it does that job decently. Multiplayer is the highlight of the game, so i recommend you try it. 

#3 Posted by BODDAH (313 posts) -

Online multiplayer was its strength.

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