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Be prepared to be kciked in the morph balls.

All consoles have their special shooting games, X Box has Halo, PC has Unreal Tournament, and Gamecube has Metroid Prime and so on... But who knew that the DS' Metroid Prime (its Special shooter) would have Online Play! This Metroid game famous for: The best handheld shooter ever, one of the best games on the DS, its cut scene graphics are nearly 'real like', good controls and so on...

You take the role as Samus: a sexy, Bounty Hunter, who's a number one hunter. You've got to defeat each Bounty on each planet. But be careful, other Bounty Hunters might be after the same bounty! And you might have to fight them. You land on one planet and you've got to go and get the boss key. In each stage there's a mini boss, usually a Bounty. You've got to kill them to get their jewels. Sounds Evil but it's satisfying.

The controls are easy (Once you've gotten used to them). There's a Dual Mode and a Stylus mode. The Stylus mode is where you use the touch screen to turn around, morph into a ball and jump. And Dual is where you don't use the Touch screen, at all! There is right hand and left hand (Those with the demo should know). Right hand Stylus is where you move with the directions and use the touch screen to turn around and stuff. Right hand Dual mode is where you move with the D-Pad and turn around with the controls. Left Hand Stylus is where you move with the Controls and use the touch screen you turn. Left Hand Stylus is where you move with the controls and rotate with the D-Pad. So the controls are for everyone!

You've got a boss in each Planet. All of the bosses feel the same, like you're repeating the game. After each boss you've got to escape from the planet immediately (in a time limit) going to all the places that you've been through. You've got to do this all the time, yes all the time! It does get tedious and annoying. Sometimes there are Hunters trying to fight you! You've got to kill them to proceed out of the planet. Then you've got to go to you're ship. Jump on top and walk towards the door. It's hard, but it's satisfying. You can't save the game in the spot; you've got to go to your ship, which is all the way in the beginning. So you can only save after a planet. This really sucks if you're on the go.

The best part of the game is the online play! This makes the game stand out from the other Metroid games. If you're online you've got seven modes to play from. Bounty, Death Match, Survival, Defender, Prime Hunter, Capture the Flag and Onslaught. In Bounty you've got to find Octoliths and return them into the goal. And prevent others to do the same. Death match is where you've got to have the most kills to win. Survival is where you fight three other hunters and you've got three lives. Defender is when you've got to occupy a central ring and prevent others from going in. Prime Hunter is when there's a Prime Hunter and you've got to kill them to be a Prime Hunter. Be the Prime Hunter 'till the end of the match to win! Capture the Flag is where you've got to capture the other team's Octolith, it doesn't use flags. Onslaught is where you've got nodes and you've got to claim them. Make a line to the enemies Power Core and destroy it! Online you've got a variety of weapons and you can do Headshots, this is amazing. This game's a winner! You must buy this whoever you are...


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