fortune's Metroid Prime: Hunters [First Hunt] (Nintendo DS) review

A great portable metroid game for the DS.

I have always been attached to the Metroid series on almost all the platforms it has been on. This one on the DS is especially good and uses the touch screen capability very well. The games graphics aren't bad but they are also not top of the line, but perfect for the DS. This game also supports Nintendo Wifi which is very fun and you can have rivals online and its just a blast to play. The story mode is nice and long and very entertaining. The gameplay of this game is just great, theres unlockables, multiplayer, and campaign. This game is a great addition to many great games on the Nintendo DS.


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    A Metroid game in name only 0

    Metroid Prime Hunters, no word of a lie, is quite the technological accomplishment. The 4-player online mode, complete with voice chat, with 7 unique playable characters, and a decent level of graphical quality crammed into the DS is admittedly impressive. However, when a game carries the title 'Metroid', there is an aspect which cannot be overlooked. Singleplayer is obviously the aspect to which I am referring. Single player is what defines Metroid games. Single player is what kept Metroid Prim...

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