vsigma100's Metroid Prime (GameCube) review

Oh Metroid Prime, how you have failed me...

When I got my second Nintendo Wii, and was looking for some good GameCube games to pick up for it. I was hearing all of this hype for the game, Metroid Prime, and when I finally picked it up, I was very disappointed. I was recently getting into the Metroid series again, and when I got this, I was really psyched, when I saw the intro, believing it was gonna be a great, game that would make my jaw drop. But then, all of that, got crumpled up, and thrown in the trash can. I first entered the game with a few puzzles, getting irritated trying to figure them out.  Enemies pop out of every corner, which I expect in a Metroid game, but these enemies, are practically impossible to see. The platforming parts of the game, are somewhat okay, but could have been a bit more polished.
When it comes down to the graphics, they're okay. Some of the best the GameCube has to offer. The visuals at times, are great to look at, and I think that Nintendo and Retro Studios, did a good job in this department. 
But when it comes to controls, in my opinion they're a bit screwed up. When you come into a first-person-shooter (at least for me recently), you would expect the shoulder buttons would controller, the weapons right? You know, the buttons that would fire the weapon? Well it's not like that in this case. It actually happens, to be the A button to fire the weapons, the B button to jump. That's a bit screwed up in my opinion. I mean come on Nintendo! If you had made great shooters, on the N64 like Goldeneye 007  why couldn't you do it with this game!? You can do better than that Nintendo! We know you can! And you know you can! 
All around in my opinion, I didn't like Metroid Prime very much. It seemed unfinished, unpolished, and a bit too hard, especially for beginners, (in which this case, I was not a beginner to shooters), and I give this game a 1.5/5. C'mon Nintendo. The game could've been sooooooooooo much better.


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