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A large pile of cats.
A large pile of cats.

Mew-Genics is the new game from Super Meat Boy developers, Team Meat. Edmund McMillen has stated that the game will be the strangest project that he's ever worked on.

In the game, players find themselves managing a household of randomly generated cats. Each cat has its own unique visual aspects, “kitten states”, sizes, animation sets, stats and personality. Cats can range from being fat and disease-ridden (potentially infecting other cats they come into contact with) to associating inner feelings, such as trauma, when faced with certain activities and suffering from illnesses such as narcolepsy. Your cat’s stats can be altered with unique trinkets found through out the game world.

As time progresses, cats will age and eventually die requiring the player breed them before that happens. However, certain cats may behave poorly with each other, forcing the player to find another potential mate. Stray cats can be spotted in your garden and adopted. Cats may also be frozen for a time in “Cryo-cubes”.

Outside of managing your cats at home, they may also perform in fights, beauty pageants and races to obtain currency. Currency can be used to purchase various things including treatments from Dr. Beanies for any diseases your cat may have.

The soundtrack and audio is being created by 'Rediculon', a collaboration between Matthias Bossi and John Evans.

The game will be released on iOS, Android and PC amongst other unannounced platforms.


The characters that are known to be in the game are:

  • Dr. Beanies
  • Mr. Tinkles
  • Frank
  • Tracy
  • Butch

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