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Mew is a legendary psychic Pokémon that first appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue Versions. Mew has only been able to be caught normally in Pokémon Emerald, and was otherwise available as a special download from a Nintendo Event or a glitch in the original Pokemon games. In-game, Mew is known for  being able to learn any HM or TM moves. Mew appears as a pink cat-like creature with bright blue eyes. Mew's special abilities include the ablity to float, turn invisible, create psychic force fields, and transform into any of the other 492 Pokémon.

How To Catch Mew In Red/Blue

I recomend that you save the game after finishing the first step in case you mess up. This glitch works 100%.

  1. Upon entering Cerulean City defeat all nugget bridge trainers.
  2. To the right of the bridge defeat the two black hair trainers only
  3. After defeating the trainers move to the grassy area to the left of the bridge without the trainer in the grass seeing you.(If he see you the glitch wont work)
  4. Catch an Abra.(This is easily done if you have a high level Butterfree that knows sleepowder)
  5. Have Abra in the party and step into the trainer in the grass' line of sight from over the water. While in mid-step, just before he sees you, push start(if done properly the menu should come up before the trainer initiates a battle)
  6. Have Abra teleport to the Cerulean City Pokemon Center.
  7. From the Pokemon Center cross the bridge and make a right.
  8. Avoid the first light-brown hair trainer without a battle and walk next to the mountainside infront of the second lightbrownhair trainer. Make sure he walks two steps up to you to initiate the battle.
  9. Defeat the trainers Slowpoke
  10. Use Abra to teleport back to the Cerulean City Pokemon Center
  11. Cross the bridge.
  12. After starting to cross the bridge your menu should pop up on its own. Exit the menu and the battle with Mew should start automatically.
  13. Mew will be level 7 so be careful, I recommend using Butterfree's sleepowder then switching to a weaker pokemon and if it wakes up switch back to butterfree and use sleepowder

Once you manage to catch Mew it will only know pound. Mew has the amazing ability to learn any TM ort HM. I recommend having mew in your party all the time since his stats grow much faster than other Pokemon.

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