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Mia is initially seen in the original Golden Sun, and is the fourth and final character to join the party's ranks. Her starting class is Water Seer, by which she serves as the group's primary healer.

She is one of the last two known descendants of the Mercury Clan, the other being her cousin Alex. While he left for unknown reasons, Mia remained in Imil to safeguard the Mercury Lighthouse as per the duty of her clan. She spends her time serving as the healer of the town's sanctum and cares for the local villagers.

It is only when the Mercury Lighthouse is breached by none other than Alex that she decides to join the party. As a clansman she feels responsible for his actions, and is honor-bound to stop him and his cohorts from awakening Alchemy.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age she is still among Isaac's party, continuing their quest. Eventually when the situation changes near the end of the game, she will join Felix and aid him in completing his objective.

She makes no appearance 30 years later in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, but the player meets her children Nowell and Rief, the latter of whom is a playable character in that game.

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