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Michael Andretti's Indy Car Challenge is a standard racing game with the player controlling the car with the d-pad, while accelerating with the X button, moving in reverse with Y button and braking with the A button. If using a manual transmission car, the R button is used to shift up and the L button to shift down. The player must also keep an eye on his/her fuel gauge or else the race will end. To refill the fuel gauge, the player must drive into the pit, and after several seconds goes by the pit crew will change the car's tires and refill the fuel gauge. There are also 2 difficulties, normal and pro. Normal is the default difficulty and can be changed in the options menu. The game also has no save feature and instead relies on a password system which is given to you at the end of each championship mode race. The passwords that are given in the Championship mode can then be entered later on the main menu.

There are 3 distinct modes of play in Michael Andretti's Indy Car Challenge. In each of these modes you are given advice by Micheal Andretti for the track you are about to race on, and are given an option to choose between a default setting or custom setting. The default setting is Michael Andretti's recommendation setting for the current track, while the custom setting is made to change your cars balance (tire pressure), top speed (down force), and acceleration (gear ratio) from the default recommendations.

Modes of Play


Championship mode is a series of 16 races that starts in Australia and ends in Monterey, California with a majority of the races taking place in the United States and a few in Canada. Before every race you begin a qualifying race to determine your stating position. At the end of every race you are given a points total for the position you placed in. The driver with the most points at the end of the circuit is declared the winner. 


Just as it sounds Practice mode allows you to practice for 5 laps on any of the 16 tracks in the game.


Versus is a 2 player head to head mode where you can compete against another person on any of the tracks in the game.


The 16 tracks below are in order of how they are played in the Championship mode. 

  • Australia

Type: S. Circuit
Length: 2.79 Miles

  • Phoenix

Type: Oval
Length: 1.00 Miles

  • Long Beach

Type: S. Circuit
Length: 1.59 Miles

  • Indianapolis

Type: Oval
Length: 2.50 Miles

  • Milwaukee

Type: Oval
Length: 1.00 Miles

  • Detroit
Type: S. Circuit

Length 2.10 Miles

  • Portland

Type: R. Course
Length: 1.95

  • Cleveland

Type: R. Course
Length: 2.37 Miles

  • Toronto

Type: S. Circuit
Length: 1.78 Miles

  • Michigan

Type: Oval
Length: 2.00 Miles

  • Ohio

Type: R. Course
Length: 2.24 Miles

  • New Hampshire

Type: Oval
Length: 1.06 Miles

  • Vancouver

Type: S. Circuit
Length: 1.70 Miles

  • Elkhart Lake

Type: R. Course
Length: 4.00 Miles

  • Nazareth

Type: Oval
Length: 1.00 Miles

  • Monterey

Type: R. Course
Length: 2.21 Miles

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