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Early life

Born in Anniston, Alabama as the eldest of 4 children and son of a lawyer, Michael grew up in the nearby town of Lincoln, Alabama before moving with his family to Arizona and attending a high school in Lake Havasu City. It was here where he first took up an interest in acting and joined the school's drama club. Here his talents grew to a point where he was accepted into the University of Arizona on a drama scholarship. Even though he joined the Sigma Nu fraternity there, Michael left two years into his studies to move to Hollywood in an attempt to catch a break. Cutting his teeth in some relatively minor roles in TV and film, including an uncredited role in Grease, Michael finally got a big role playing the titular character in the 1981 Lauren Bacall thriller, The Fan. Following this up in 1983 with another sizable role in The Lords of Discipline, it wasn't until the following year that his real rise to fame would occur.

In the Movies

Kyle Reese

Taking the role of Kyle Reese, a resistance fighter from the future sent back in time to protect the Sarah Connor from a robotic killer, in James Cameron's low budget sci-fi film The Terminator, Michael became a cult star almost over night. Following this up with a turn on popular 80's cop show Hill Street Blues and several made for TV movies, Biehn's star rose again even further in 1986 when he took the role of Corporal Dwayne Hicks in another Cameron sci-fi action film, this time in the high budget Aliens. This solidified Biehn's position as a major star and over the next few years he took the leading role in several other successful films and took part in ensemble casts again for Cameron's The Abyss and as the merciless Johnny Ringo in the western Tombstone.

Video Games

In 1999, Biehn took the role of GDI Commander Michael McNeil in the FMV secions of Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun and while this was his first credited appearance in a video game, Biehn's image was famously used to portray that of Solid Snake on the cover of the original Metal Gear in 1987.

Solid Snake and Kyle Reese

However, with his cult status in films such as The Terminator and Aliens, several of his lines have been used in other games, most notably Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare which features the line 'I like to keep this handy for close encounters' which is said by Gaz when taking out his shotgun in the exact same way the character Hicks says it in Aliens. Biehn later reprised his original Aliens role for Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Biehn voiced Sgt. Rex "Power" Colt in the 80's throwback game Blood Dragon, a standalone DLC/Expansion campaign for Far Cry 3.

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