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Michael Chain is the leader of the Bloody Chain, a racing clan composed of people with a not-so-good reputation. The Bloody Chain once had a thousand members, yet over the past years that number has started to decrease rapidly. Chain decided to enter the F-Zero GP to prove a worthy leader to his organization, and to prevent it from completely disbanding; however he has yet to win a Grand Prix. It is rumored that the Bloody Chain could disappear entirely in the next few years.


The Wild Boar is a heavy machine, with first class body strength and very good top speed. However, it lacks acceleration and boost strength, as well as some grip to prevent it´s huge body from being all over the track. The Wild Boar is at it´s best in straightaways or in narrow tracks where the best strategy is to take advantage of the proximity of other ships to achieve as many take downs as possible.

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