Anyone play Michael Jackson:TE for XBOX360 yet??

#1 Posted by Spongetwan (202 posts) -

Just looking forward to hearing what you thought about it. I am picking it up when I get off work. What say you?

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Just picked it up and played for about an hour. Is there any way to disable singing? I don't mind dancin' and makin a fool of myself but lets not subject the world to my vocals or lack thereof. Certain songs appear to require both singing and dancing while others allow you to select just dancing.  Minus the sing-only songs, I wish it would let you disable singing (or dancing) completely if you really only want to do one or the other.

The venues you perform at are" inspired" by the original song/videos so liking them will be more a matter of personal taste.  I didn't mind the Wii's backgrounds and so far the ones for the Kinect version don't seem to bother me.  Although I haven't seen it yet, I've read other nice details are actual clips from the videos which play as part of the venue background.  Other  little touches I've noticed here and there based on the songs themselves.  For example in the song Money, as you leave the visible area your on screen image dissovles away into bills and coins.  There's definitely some thought behind the presentation.

If you've played Ubisoft's Your Shape Fitness Evolved you'll be familiar with the menu structure as well as with the on screen projection of yourself.  There's still a noticeable lag between your moves and when it gets displayed on screen.  This may be an issue for people watching you but I found myself paying more attention to what the background dancers were doing.  My hope is the game scores based on how in sync you actually are with the dancers and not your on screen representation.

As for the dancing, the few songs I've played haven't been too difficult.  The moves they have you performing are simplified compared to what you'd see MJ or any real dancer doing.  This is probably to make it accessible to more people.  The Wii versions dance moves definitely seem more challenging if you actually attempted to mirror the moves one for one.  I found that going through the song a few times and actually paying attention to the dance icons help in timing when you need to switch up to the next move.

Again, I've only played for a little bit and I think its okay so far. Hoping to see how it goes with friends over.
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@RnRpax: Just play "DANCE" instead of "PERFORMANCE". Performance is dancing and singing. I finally played it and my girl loves it which was the main reason for getting it. I even dressed up like Micheal for her.
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Read TE as Tournament Edition. Lol'd.

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In the play solo mode,  I was dancing to Billie Jean, Rock With You, and Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough without having to sing.

I agree, there's a noticable lag between your actual movements and your on-screen character, which is actually a shimmering/sparkling image of you from the Kinect's camera. So it's like you're in the game dancing, which is kind of cool.

I briefly went into the tutorial section, and it's not as robust as Dance Central's break it down mode, where it would slow the moves down, verbally explain them, and critique you as you tried them. In MJ:TE, it's just an instructional video, which you can go onto YouTube and find similar clips. And in the practice mode, you can perform certain sections of songs (intro, chorus, etc.), but there's very little feedback.

Overall, Michael Jackson: The Experience for Kinect isn't as polished or fleshed out as Dance Central, but it's a fun experience and it should be a must-have for any Kinect user who's a big MJ fan, like myself.

I'm looking forward to the singing and performing portions of the game, as well as the multiplayer/party mode.
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The game is great, picked up yesterday and played 2 hours or so with my girlfriend. Feels a lot harder then Dance central.


I also find the pictures they take funny, I look so confused as to what I'm doing.

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Hope Ryan and Jeff (w/ sparkly glove) do a followup quicklook with the kinect version.  I recall Ryan even saying that the game would be good with "better tech".

#8 Posted by DrMcKittrick (231 posts) -

I'm waiting to see them do one as well.  I wanted to pick this up today but have heard so many negative reviews.  I'm glad this thread is more fleshed out with people who are actually enjoying the game.  I'll get it tomorrow.

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