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Michael Max was born in the slums of a nameless city, like many who came from the slums he fought against street thugs and the slime of humanity. Michael Max soon took up boxing and trained under boxer Axel Hawk and was very talented but was soon corrupted by money and women. He fell from grace and was pennyless, soon afterwards he fled to southtown to begin anew. Southtown was no different from the slums in which he was born, constant battling of thugs and his hatred began to renew his spirit. After hearing of the King of Fighters tournament being held by Geese Howard, Michael joined in an attempt to reclaim his lost glory but was badly beaten by the lonely wolf himself - Terry Bogard.  After his defeat Michael Max was never seen again and is thought to have retired from fighting in an attempt to live a normal life.

Move list:

Tornado Upper - very similar to Joe Higashi signiture move, Michael Max throws a tornado at his opponent.  It is rumored that he learned the technique from Joe.
Tempest Rush - Similar to another move of Joe Higashi, after pressing A or the punch button multiple time Michael max would rush forward with a flurry of punches

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