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Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Michelle Walter moved to the U.S. years ago with her father and brother. As a young teen, she began dating Shinji Ozawa. However, Shinji and his brother Jiro started to fight over her, and during an altercation, Michelle was injured. She was given a blood transfusion to stabilize her; unfortunately, the transfusion was from a Fire Elemental, which also gave her the same powers. Whether due to this incident or a psychotic break caused by the fight, Michelle manifested a split personality; her regular old self wanting to get rid of her fire powers and her new self, and a rage-fueled form with char-black skin that wants nothing more than violence and revenge.

When reports of a sickness that robs students of their powers starts making rounds, Michelle investigates to see if her powers can also be revoked. Her "other", however, seeks vengeance against the Ozawas.

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